Watch backcountry skier accidentally fly off a cliff! (He's fine)


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Holy shit. That’s some tumble, especially on accident…

Made me go back and look through old videos from Warren Miller and his shots he did of Scott Schmidt at Squaw Valley.
I was really getting into Skiing back then and skied Tahoe places a lot and was facinated by this guy.
The cliffs and chutes in the below video are totally accessible and not roped off at Squaw. You just have to hike up there and be slightly crazy.


Another lesson about unmarked trails: just because you see tracks doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to follow them.



I’m going to use this in my writing. I have no idea where, but some variation of this phrase is definitely making an appearance.


I can’t decide which one looks scarier!


I guess the guy didn’t learn his lesson the first time.


You can see where the track stopped. The earlier skier stopped to look at the view. Can’t happen here in Australia. We only have 100 square km to ski in at best so a drop like this would be well known.


I thought I hear him say “oh shit” before he gets near the cliff. Even before he crosses paths with the other skier. Maybe he has tourettes?


Just look at those banana colored skis!


I see it fitting well, or some variation of it, in a Trump biography.

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