Here's what it's like to drive off a cliff


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“Oh no!” ? Doesn’t sound like they enjoyed it very much.


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Didn’t live up to hype. Would not do again.


I am impressed by his ability to keep this short film firmly G-rated.


Aw… it didn’t blow up at the end? Why didn’t it blow up? They always blow up in the movies…


I assume this was at the tunnels between Mt Islip and Kratka ridge, driving westbound.

The road is usually pretty well maintained there. How did he loose control this bad?


If you read his accompanying text on you tube, partially driving too fast cause oooh zoom loud cool in da tunnel, and then a turn he was going too fast for and couldn’t see because of light entering the tunnel. Basically he was being dumb and exceeding the envelope for the road conditions.


Not only that, but he was apparently using a hand-held camera (or phone? dunno) as well as the dashcam. I’m puzzled as to why he includes the hand-held footage (from 0:34 to 0:58) but fails to mention that fact in his PSA. Seems like it might’ve been a contributing factor, no?


So that’s why all the fire engines, ambulances etc were flying up the Angeles Crest road as I was coming down from a walk at Mt Wilson that day…


Much more spectacular ones linked from that vid, but lacking the implicit ‘… and survive’ bit.


I bet a funny thing about driving a car off a cliff is, while you’re in midair, you still hit those brakes! Hey, better try the emergency brake!

– Deep Thoughts, by Jack Handey


I think he started slipping when he started modding a Forester for autocross.


Very true. LOL So many people today drive front wheel drive cars that have a ton of understeer designed into them. A friend rebuilt he suspension on his 1984 Jetta so it handled like a rear engine, rear wheel drive Porsche. It would oversteer like mad. I’m wondering if the guy didn’t get some unintended effects out of his obvious suspension mods.


It was a Subaru, so it’s AWD. He probably fucked it up by modding his car, like you said.


Perhaps some wascally wabbit stole the.Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator?


Yeah, I saw the aftermarket hoodscoop on a Forester and knew it wouldn’t end well. Glad he survived. But that’s a steep hill, not a cliff.

Now that’s a cliff!

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Everybody thinks they’re Mad Max, right until they drive off a cliff.



Here ya go:


Sounds like the guy was accelerating out of the tunnel and into the turn.