Driver gets cut off and his car nearly tips over


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It’s always hard to gauge speed when watching it on video, but he seemed to be flying to catch the light.


One of my bigger fears when I was commuting on two wheels.


looks like he’s going too fast, there’s a red light there anyway.


He was on two wheels because he crashed into that Honda. The Honda changed lanes without making sure it was clear to do so, but the dashcam car really does appear to be going too fast as it approached the intersection.


I concur with those above saying it seems like he is going too fast.

I would add I suspect the going up on two wheels was also due to the high curb to the left; not just the impact from the other vehicle. If his wheels hit that curb, the car wouldn’t be able to slide any longer horizontally.


Too fast or not, the car cutting him off was crossing the solid line dividing the two turn lanes: I believe that is not legal.


The best way to safeguard against that is to keep up with the traffic ahead of you. I ride the HOV lane daily, and see over and over again drivers that are so scared of being cut off that they drive too slowly to keep up with traffic, creating a nice big inviting gap ahead of themselves for some dipshizzle to jump out into. They literally create the conditions that invite the incident they’re trying to avoid.


I did my best but it was equally nerve wracking to go 40 mph with safe stopping distance between me and car ahead when the lane on my right was stop and go.


The turn light is not red. The turn lane has a green arrow. It does not turn red until after the car is hit.


True dat. It’s a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils.


Yeah, that’s what I thought too. Perhaps the video was sped up, but then his voice would have been also.


Varies from place to place. Even a double solid line can sometimes be crossed depending on the local laws.


Just drive at the extreme outer edge of the lane, or even a bit over that line. Lanes are generally 12 feet wide so the combination of lane width and positioning means you only need to yield a few inches or a foot if somebody does jump out. That’s a twitch of the wheel vs slamming on the brakes.


Unnnggghh. I remember when Speed of Traffic was an acceptable defense for minor speeding violations. Now in Portland speeding tickets are largely automated, so tough friggin cookies. :sleepy:


I really want to drive the I5 through Oregon with fake plates at 150mph just knowing the reactions of the officers reviewing the pics after. :joy:


I blame the hell out of the victim.
That was too fast.


Here’s a wonderful move: I’m stopped at a red light, waiting to proceed. On my right is the turning lane, occupied by a vehicle that had just earlier been tail-gaiting me; it’s signaling for a right turn. The light changes… and the ignoramus floors it, cuts into the intersection and gets into my lane ahead of me, then speeds off. Welcome to California.


Seemed fast but the only thing that will matter is the car changing lanes does across a solid white line. Where I live if one driver does something illegal they are 100% responsible for the accident.


I blame both. Speed plus inattentiveness equals dashcam highlights.