New Corvette owner drives car into tree


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If at first you bounce off a tree, read the damned manual.


What ever happened to just speeding on a highway?


Another video where widescreen would have been a better choice.


If you can afford a car like that you can afford to take it to a race track to use it safely at speed.

I have zero sympathy for anyone who drives their expensive fast car into a tree like this.


This is called learning the hard way.


Pity it wasn’t a Lamborghini and a bookcase.


OH that poor car… I want a 'vette some day. That one was pretty.

And speaking of Lamborghinis, I saw one drive into the car wash by my apartment the other day. Mind you that is like seeing the president stop by at the local gas station. It doesn’t happen. Unless meth dealing pays more than I thought.

That same day on the way to work I saw a hawk with snake in its talons. Weird day.


I once had a Lamborghini pull up behind me at a stop light and stall, dead. The driver asked me for a jump - which was made a lot easier by the fact that it had built-in jumper cables hiding behind their own little door, right on the hood. My Hyundai Excel got that beast started up, no problem at all.


Taking a Lambo into a drive through car wash is fucking insane, even more insane than dropping a quarter million dollars on a car that seats two and gets 12MPG.


I figured he got a private part stuck in the spokes.


Yeah, that would be a real dick move.


Well, performance issues, it’s not uncommon. One out of five…


Well they also have the bays where you can wash it yourself. Maybe the guy was frugal. Had I not been late for work Id maybe gone and taken a pic.


Probably not a good sign that your car comes with built in jumper cables…


Both videographer and subject appear to be working with the same general functionality


A known problem, then.

If I have to choose between a car that looks good and one that performs on demand, I’ll choose the car that actually runs, thankyouverymuch!


A Lamborghini isn’t meant to be practical. The whole pointof having one is to demonstrate that you can throw money away - it’s also why they come in such horrendous colours.

I followed a lovely blancmange coloured one through the Peak District once.

The last one I saw was broken down at the side of the road in Seattle.


I’m less afraid of the known problems, really.


Yeah, the driver wasn’t expecting it to go off the road, the cinematographer wasn’t expecting it to go out of frame.