Bad supercar driver compilation


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  1. If you have to pull over onto the shoulder of a highway, never, never, never stand behind your vehicle (facing the oncoming traffic), nor in it. Stay some distance ahead of the vehicle, so if/when someone hits it, you won’t be injured.

  2. Normally when I see a bad driver, I want to get in front of and far away from them, so I won’t have to avoid their inevitable collision. For the other drivers here, it wasn’t an option.


About half of these idiots, at the very least, need to take some lessons in driving a rear wheel drive car. There are plenty of other solutions, like donating all of their money to charity, but at least learn how to handle a rear wheel drive before heading out!


I was surprised: there are at least two incidents when it’s not the rich guys fault


The one accident where the rich guy drive off without a scratch while multiple cars collided and spun out behind him was less surprising.


Although I haven’t flown small airplanes in about 20 years, when I was an active pilot – Cessnas and Pipers – sure, I admired all the fancy stuff, but you just knew damned well you’d kill yourself if you put yourself in something you couldn’t handle. Yet, with cars… people think they can just make the transition. It’s nuts.


Well it was only the poor people getting hurt not him, so why should he stick around?


I think labeling a couple of these as “super cars” is a bit of a stretch, but…

(was one of those an iroc?)


Wait the cheap cars are driven by people?! I thought they were there for entertainment…


Universal application of this idea leads to just the kind of accidents shown in the video.


Proof that even if you’re a safe and careful driver you can’t always avoid accidents, because there are idiots out there that just appear out of nowhere, and drive like its a video game.


Good video to show anyone who thinks rear wheel drive is all that.


Did I laugh? You bet your ass I laughed!


Cue ‘Spyhunter’ game music. A lot of these guys were driving like that, and hitting the turbos constantly.


These were exactly my thoughts. Most of the accidents come from the guys forgetting they have a monster in the backseat.


Yeah, I was going to point that out. F-Body cars are not super cars, and there was a lot of those.


Riding motorcycles has definitely taught me to keep the speedracer driving on the track. The pavement is clean and cleared of debris, the road is engineered for racing, and everyone else on the track knows exactly what you’re there to do and will act accordingly.

Also, schadenfreude is delicious!


Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the first accident the fault of the mini-van (?) driver pulling out into traffic…?


One of the least likely clips isn’t the “supercar” driver’s fault. The clip of the yellow Camaro t-boning a cop SUV? That was during filming of one of the Transformers movies, and the cop in the SUV wasn’t supposed to be driving on the set. Evidently Bumblebee was quite damaged.


Looked to me like the supercar driver was driving too fast for the mini-van driver to have time to see the supercar coming.