BMW driver gets angry when car in front lets school bus turn in, then rams the bus


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The slow walk away with head in hands realizing how he fucked up majorly is a nice ending.


That was Grade-A assholery and instant karma in one. Wow.



What is it about BMWs? I swear that we’re not ALL assholes.


That black tire mark going up the barrier should be left as a monument to his dipshittedness, fitted with a nice brass plaque.

ETA: in my area, the BMWs are a problem, but it’s the Mercedes Benzes you really have to look out for if you want to stay alive. It sure does show how entitled some people think they are – whether they really are rich, or if their damn Mercedes is being paid off by minute payments for the rest of eternity.


I didn’t know you could buy dashcams with a “Record Karma” feature. Neat.


Optional upgrade.


In my neck-of-the-woods BMW and Mercedes drivers are always the ones who drive with such recklessness and entitlement. Just because you can afford a 60 - 70+ k automobile doesn’t mean you own the fucking roadways.

A carist rant. Thanks for listening.


I’m in no way defending this DB, but it seems the driver of the camera car speeds up a bit excessively and tries to block the guy by veering to the right, which might have been a bit reckless as well. Regardless, in this case, Karma was served. I just don’t enjoy seeing videos where that Karma comes at the hands of both parties making bad decisions.


I hate to admit, but I probably would have done that.


BMW : Boy Meets World


If you’ll swear over this, with so little provocation, I have to question your driving :wink:


you know what, me too


The nicer models don’t even have turn signals to not use.


This always baffles me. Are they not concerned about protecting their investment?


Fitting end to another jerk.


I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.




Aren’t most of them leased? Plus (With a few exceptions) cars are a terrible investment.