The customs of luxury car owners

Only if you’ve never met a Mercedes owner.


My experience is that Mercedes drivers are not as arseholeish as Audi drivers.

I wonder if there are rankings for this kind of thing, like with safety?


I’d be interested in that data.


a study done by the Institute of Personality and Social Research at the University of California Berkeley which links poor driving habits and wealth. Basically, rich people are more likely to be jerks behind the wheel.

The researchers examined how motorists in California behave when approaching intersections with pedestrians, where they are required to stop, as well as how well they take turns at four-way stop intersections.

What they found is that people in luxury cars, specifically BMWs and Mercedes-Benzes, were much more likely to flout traffic laws and go when it’s not their turn at intersections.


And in the San Francisco Bay Area, where the status-symbol Prius was marked down as a luxury vehicle, researchers found their drivers to have a higher tendency to commit traffic infractions than most.


My experiences are from Oxford. I’m not saying that BMW or Merc drivers are nice, just that Audi drivers are worse

Oddly, Ferrari and Lamborghini drivers are relatively well behaved here.


The German luxury brands do hold a special appeal for aggressive arseholes everywhere.

They likely have less to prove regarding their sense of entitlement than do the affluent jerks (or wannabes) who buy luxury brands like BMW or Mercs (or who think they simply must have a tiny indoor swimming pool next to the breakfast nook, to bring things back on-topic).

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I always find (here in ATL, anyways) BMW drivers to be the worst of the luxury car drivers.

AH! Confirms my own anecdotal evidence!

I disagree. It’s Tesla.

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Do you have more Tesla drivers up your way? I actually have one at my daughter’s school and I drive past a dealer ship a few days a week… they are kind of dickish, but there are just so many more BMW drivers around, and they seem universally dickish.

Although, I got a cousin out in Utah who is a BMW mechanic and he’s an awesome human being. I keep meaning to ask him about the people that bring cars in out there, if they’re as much jerks there as they are here.


We only have a few Teslas around my over-monied corner of SE MI. The BMW drivers are the worst here, too. They are closely followed by Lexus, Lincoln (new ones, not ancient hand-me-downs), Cadillac (same as Lincoln) and Hyundai drivers (I can’t explain this one, it just is). Prius drivers are frustrating here because they try to milk every last bit of mileage out of the car instead of driving it like it’s, you know, a car. [Full disclosure: I drive my Prius like a maniac. Still get enviable mileage. Best mileage? Set cruise for 80 on the interstate.]


When i drive i don’t particularly pay attention too much of make and model of cars, but i’ve found that some of the worst offenders on the road are SUV drivers. But to be honest it really depends on what you consider to be shitty driving behavior, to me people that block fast lanes and drive way slow piss me off more and i see that with people with nice cars and old cars alike. I’ve also seen quite a number of people swerving like crazy while on their phone and i see that with all kinds of different car owners.

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Maybe it’s me. I drive a Toyota and am very aggressive.

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My guess is the answer is probably “Yes, but I get glee at the prices I charge to fix their cars.”


This is true, too. They tend to also act like they own the road.

I think my biggest problem is aggressive driving, so, people cutting others off, acting like they are more important and need to get to their destination, consequences be damned. The phone/distraction thing annoys me too. I don’t like people taking up the fast lane either, but in that case, what annoys me more is people swerving around the person, into other lanes in a dangerous fashion.

OH! So a good example, spaghetti junction here. It’s where the perimeter comes together with I-85 and a state road, Buford HWY north of the city. It’s one of the 2 worst snarl areas in the metro area. This will happen every time - and you see it with people who you KNOW has to drive here almost DAILY on their commute by their county tags - instead of getting over way before the exit, which is well marked, they will wait until they are literally right about to get off, and THEN try to get over, blocking the rightmost lane that’s staying on the perimeter… And they just called that interchange once again, the biggest truck bottleneck in the country.

I’m trying to find a good pic, but am not having much luck… if I find something later of that particular interchange, I’ll post it.

Here we go!

[ETA] You can see the interchange. A person attempting to get on 85, should say in this lane, but tons of people will be in the next lane over, where that Kia is, and then get closer to the exit and slam on their breaks to get off of 285 onto 85. Especially when the traffic is heavy. When you see tags that say Fulton, Dekalb or Gwinnett, you’re like HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW THAT YOU’RE GETTING OFF HERE MILES BACK, ASSHOLE!

Okay, I don’t even need to get on 285 anytime soon, and I’m now annoyed! :wink:


That would be a good working class answer! They pay him pretty well, from what I hear, but he also owes them a few years of work because they helped fund his education. I think this year, he’s done. Hopefully, he can move up the ranks and get more training on some of the newer models, especially the electric cars.


Wait, In what universe is a Prius a luxury car?


I was wondering the same thing. It’s moderately priced and extremely boring to drive.


Going off the South Park bit on it i think it’s because some Prius drivers tend to be holier-than-thou “I’m helping the environment because i drive a Prius” kind of person. But then again i don’t really pay attention to this kind of thing


We’re getting so far off topic…

I only picked it because of the mileage. Gas was $3.50-$4/gal at the time. If any other car company had been offering a car that got similar mileage for a similar price at the time, I’d likely be driving that other car instead. As it is, mine is falling apart, and I’m kinda looking forward to driving my ancient RSX for a few months again while we fix the Prius’ suspension this summer. The Acura is going on 16 years of being a solid, reliable car that’s still a lot of fun to drive.

Back on topic, sorta…
Prius: still smarter than a swimming pool in your living room.