Watch: BMW driver steals flowers from corner vendor, speeds off

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It’s got to be at least partially confirmation bias, but whenever someone acts like a monster on the road, it seems to be 90% certain they’re driving a BMW. Add in a NJ plate and my instinct is to pull off the road and get a couple of miles between us.


I hope that the BMW driver tries to plead poverty when [edit] she’s inevitably hauled before the judge.


The vendor said the driver was a woman.


When I was car shopping in the mid 80’s (because the $500 car I had smelled funny) I first picked a nice used Mazda RX 7 (blown transmission) a BMW (oil eater) something, or a Camaro Berlinetta.

I went with the Camaro…


“People ask me how I could afford a BMW. It was easy - I don’t pay for anything else!”


I hate to generalize as well but my experience here in TX has been that Mercedes and BMW drivers are assholes.



For me, the jack-hole drivers are either Lexus, massive pick-ups which are obviously not work-related, or (and these are the f’ing worst) Cadillac Escalades. I’ve never seen a decent Escalade driver, but I have been tailgated, nearly run off the road (twice), and yelled at just for being in the street on my e-bike. Riding along, minding my own business, and one pulls up to me and rolls their window down. Thought they needed help so I stopped. I was informed to “GET ON THE SIDEWALK, IDIOT!” as they sped off. Bought a helmet cam that weekend.


I’ve seen my fair share of bad pick up/SUV drivers but particular car makes never really stick in my mind. On the other hand luxury car drivers tend to drive like Speedracer in a really unsafe way and drives me nuts :neutral_face:

On a related note i had a friend in Vegas who got ran off the road in her scooter multiple times (on purpose). I want to say she got hit at least once, and many other times people swerved toward her forcing her to crash. Other times they’d throw things at her while driving past including glass bottles. Thinking about it infuriates me with the fire of a thousand suns and i’m so glad she no longer lives in Vegas.


Good on her. In a decade or so, climate change and Lake Mead drying up might actually make Vegas as hot as a thousand suns.


They’re calling her "BMW Karen"

  1. Get the money first. He probably let his guard down thinking a driver of a nice BMW would try to stiff them. But…

  2. Never ever trust a BMW driver to do the right thing.

  3. The way they jack up flower prices around holidays is also robbery. Or capitalism. I sometimes get the two confused.

  4. Don’t steal from people. Not cool.

You would think someone driving a multi-hundred thousand dollar Bentley would, you know, try to avoid getting in wrecks a little more. But I had one who wouldn’t let me merge, actively speeding up to match me, making me brake hard and get behind them. Then later down the road they nearly change lanes into me. Stupid mother fuckers. You really want to hit a guy in a 2004 Buick because believe you me, I have a lot less to lose.


Not all entitled assholes drive BMW’s, but…


Likely these drivers can easily afford the inconvenience of getting into a wreck while someone with less means could possibly lose their livelihood without their car, and might not be able to afford getting into a potential legal issue if it comes down to a he-said-she-said. But i have fantasized about hitting a nice car or break checking them to make them rear end me (not that i actually would).


Same in Sweden. BMW:s are notorious according to the police, especially when it comes to illegal parking.


Well, to be clear, I don’t think this asshole was trying to hit me. I think he, and others like him, are self absorbed and just don’t pay attention.

Not that there aren’t other drives like that too, including me at times.

But just like I may not be super caution in my shit box - neither are they. If they get in a wreck, they just get a new one. But if I was in their shoes I’d be driving super defensively, as I couldn’t replace the car.

Confirmation bias is a weird thing. My father always said bad things about black drivers, but never seemed to react as much when white people did something stupid with a car. It makes people feel good that ‘other’ people are to blame for bad things in the world. BMWs and their drivers are a great vessel for people to project their ideas about how callous and selfish ‘rich’ people are. I haven’t checked, but I would guess that the make of the car doesn’t feature in BB’s headlines about people behaving badly in other kinds of cars. I have gleefully bought up depreciated BMWs that the self-righteous wouldn’t be caught dead in, while they pay a premium for used Subarus that aren’t nearly as nice or fun to drive.



(regional humor)

In my state they make bad drivers put special plates on their cars. They look like normal plates, except they say, “Texas.”

…thank you and goodnight.