Driver runs into motorcyclist who scolded him about using phone

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Assault with a deadly weapon much?


Blaming the motorcyclist’s use of words for the homicidal violence of the driver in 3… 2… 1…


Holy crap. Attempted murder.


Drivers are bad enough when it isn’t intentional…


The finishing little “Hold on, lemme get centered on your motorcycle.” moment is perfect.


This makes me rethink my policy on suggesting other drivers put down their fucking phones while I’m in a car myself. I do this when I’m stopped at a red light, since I don’t want to take my hands off the wheel to make the hang-up motion while the car is moving. It’s easier to do when I’m a pedestrian.

I guess the fact that I’ve almost been hit by drivers who are offended by the suggestion and nearly lost control of their cars while yelling at me about it should also make me rethink it.


Well, he’s fortunate that he’s got it on video. Most of the time, Police can’t really do anything because it happens so fast that evidence and witnesses are scarce.

Last month, I witnessed a motorcycle get run off the road in spectacular fashion. I had two choices 1) stop and assist the rider or 2) try and and catch up to the motorist and get his plates. I choose 1.


From the video description, there’s good news; the driver is under criminal investigation…

“Because the driver is currently under criminal investigation, I will be
unable to go after him or his insurance. for any sort of compensation
for quite a while. Additionally, the insurance on the car (which was not
owned by the driver) only has a very small amount of coverage for
medical and property damage. All of this money has been swallowed up in
one quick swoop by my significant amount of bills. I’m left still having
to pay several thousand dollars for my health insurance’s out of pocket
maximum. Additionally, I’m left with several bills associated with
purchasing medical equipment (crutches, shower seat, etc.) and
transportation (car rental, Lyft rides). My credit cards are close to
full-up and these bills will be coming due very soon.”


Where’s the video from two seconds earlier when presumably the driver’s license plate is visible?

I mean, crowdsourcing is well and good for certain things, but this is a case where the money should be coming from one motherfucker. Sue that asshole.

ETA: clearly, I should read the crowdsourcing post first.


Not that it matters much, but I wonder whether he signaled for a lane change when he gunned it off the line and cut left? Or does it being a motorcycle exempt him from such rules and etiquette?

What is it about BMWs that makes them so appealing to jerks? I’ve driven BMWs on a couple of occasions and found them very enjoyable to drive, but there are lots of other nice cars that don’t seem to attract such a massively disproportionate share of the world’s assholes. It makes me feel bad for nice people who drive BMWs.


Motorist have been coddled so much that enforcement is a total joke. I agree with you, it’s better not to agitate already haughty people. Stick up for your rights and assert them (take the lane, etc.), but don’t engage unless engaged.


We have a winner!

@Peaches please come to the booth to collect your prize.


He was in the turn lane. He split the lane in order to give the motorist his opinion, then took up in front of him to wait for the signal to change. It’s too hard to tell, but he might of been blocking (going slow and riding close to the lane divider) the said motorist just to piss him off.

No doubt that confrontations like this lead to hot heads on both sides.

You’re not upset that he might of been blocking the pedestrian crossing?


I’ve been saying your exact sentiments for years now. I greatly enjoy driving because I give it all my attention and don’t treat it as a chore in need of distraction, and I appreciate bmw cars. Also I recently worked in a land of overpaid tech workers, and the lousy bmw driver phenomenon was in full effect there. And they seem to never signal!


Hmm, there must be something about BMWs that draw entitled people to them.


It’s 100% legal to split lanes and filter forward in traffic like that in CA. It is 100% unlawful to hold a cell phone and talk on it while driving in CA, and that fellow was a good citizen for making the unsafe driver aware for the benefit of himself and others.

He was properly behind the stop bar and not obstructing the crosswalk, not that any pedestrians were walking.

Maybe instead of painting a misleading negative picture of the motorcyclist, just sing the praises of the car who hit him?


Who are Jukin Media and why do they seem to own about half the videos posted to Boing Boing?