Another motorcyclist exacts revenge on a driver

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Never never never get into a fight with an auto while on a motorcycle. EVER!

PS. The phone drop was kind’a funny though.


Too good to be true.


Much better Karmic retribution than the rock through the windshield.

I think I would have forgiven this guy for riding off with the wallet after showing it to the driver, but the phone drop was poetic too.


Still can’t imagine doing that. :disappointed:


I feel worse for having seen that video.


Have a feel-good chaser in the same genre.


i get it, the dude was a dick to him, and the drop was valid retribution, but i was still hoping the motorcycle dude was going to be the better man : \


I read it as “saves cop” and I kept waiting for some dramatic turn of events :smiley:


The bird is VERY POWERFUL while driving. A few years ago, I was driving with my wife somewhere, and some guy swerves around us without signalling (because 10 over wasn’t fast enough for him). I have to slow down so as to not hit him (I value personal safety over right of way when I drive). Meanwhile, while he’s zooming off, my wife starts sending him a flock of birds.

He screeches to a halt in the middle of the road. I navigate around him (with signaling), and move on my way. Once I pass him, he revvs his engine and starts tailing us. I then take it upon myself to drive to the police station. He follows up until the moment I turn into their lot. I guess he realized where I was taking him, so he went straight after I turned.

I’m always hesitant before flipping anybody off, because we’re all just a click or two from being dangerous psychopaths in control of a large hunk of fast-moving metal. Were that me on the bike, I may have just given him the wallet, the phone, and let him deal with the sour taste of jerk. Sometimes, that’s the best retribution.


Even more powerful is the dismissive, flat back hand. It’s a gesture that says, “see, this is the kind of idiocy I was just talking about.” Crushing.


Like all guilty pleasures, petty but satisfying.

Somehow I get the feeling Mr AssholeDriver wouldn’t have been shamed had he been politely handed his phone.


The cyclist picking up and dropping the phone still left the driver better off than if the motorcyclist had done nothing because it would have just slid off the roof and landed in the street anyway. It’s likely the phone didn’t even break, but the driver is going to have to get out and pick it up his damn self.


I agree. I have no idea what kicks someone gets out of staging something like this but it all seems a little too convenient.

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well, that’s a valid point. he could’ve just not mentioned the phone to begin with, though.


True, but this way the driver knows that the reason his phone ended up in the street was through his own dickish behavior. I agree with the “petty but satisfying” assessment.


Right, because the motorcyclist has no agency, no ability to rise above the asshole-level of the driver. Even when the driver thanks him, thats not enough: he needs to annihilate his enemy. Imagine how much more fulsome and apologetic the driver would have been if he had also returned his phone.

Legally, that phone was assuredly destroyed by the motorcyclist. The next turn of karma involves the car driver using this helpfully recorded evidence to sue the motorcyclist-- and he’ll win easily.


Why in the world should the motorcyclist rise any higher than having returned the wallet?


Was the driver really trying to be a dick?

Let’s be honest - it is easy to miss a bike when turning. 1) They can be behind the frame when you glance right and you don’t see them, and 2) we have a blind bias where if you aren’t expecting to see something, some times your brain ignores what it doesn’t expect to see. So it is entirely possible the guy didn’t see him when he pulled out.

So assuming that, you then have an aggressive driving motorcyclist coming up on you out of no where, you don’t know why, he isn’t passing you but riding in your blind spot for some reason. Yeah I might flip him the bird because I’d have no idea why he is driving weird.

But then again, I tend to be very Taoist when driving, so maybe not.


A Tao-truck driver, eh?