Watch this insane car vs. motorcycle road rage video

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The question really is if the car’s insanity will increase its already significant advantage in strength, or whether the motorcycle, still keeping its wits about it, will be able to outsmart the powerful and enraged automobile.


I hate when prosecutors feel they need to split the baby like that. One guys’ a bad guy, one guy’s not.

One night I was at a bar waiting for a couple of friends to show up, when all of sudden a CHP cruiser shows up, lights-and-siren, and out pours my already drunk friend with the biggest smile on his face. The police are all “hey man, have a great time.”

Turns out, an hour before, my friend had been on a motorcycle working his way through moderate 35mph-ish freeway traffic one Saturday evening, when he saw a car clip and knock over a CHP motorcyclist and then take off. My friend took off after the guy, chased him down, and when the would be cop-killer got out of his car, body slammed the dude and pinned him until the police arrived. How the police ended up catching up to my friend, I have no idea, but they did.

The cops knew who did what and how my friend helped out, but then as they’re getting a statement from my friend, the bad guy was screaming and crying about how my friend had alcohol on his breath (he did – he was probably hammered, knowing him) – but the cops took the position that none of them could actually smell. “Hey, I don’t smell anything, do you?”

After they hauled the bad guy away, they got a tow truck for my friends bike, told him he could pick it up at the police lot the next morning – and dropped him off at the bar. It was pretty fucking glorious.


I have to disagree…Driving at a high rate of speed directly into oncoming traffic IS bad.


It’s aggravated assault when somebody takes a swing at someone else.
It’s a very different charge when the attacker is using a hammer, or say, a car at high speed because loss of life is then a going concern.

What the fuck.


Whatever the reason, driving a motorcycle at that speed on a local road, much less into oncoming traffic is reckless and stupid. No matter what the car driver did.


I hate when prosecutors feel they need to split the baby like that. One guys’ a bad guy, one guy’s not.

In this case, it seems like that’s precisely the correct call.


Road Rage or no, the motorcyclist started it by damaging the car then fleeing, rather than pulling over and accepting responsibility for what he did. They were both complete idiots during that video.


Perhaps but to me it looked like we was fleeing for his life and was trying to get in a place the car driver could not hit him. The driver of the car already tried to hit him 15 seconds in to the video and again at 29. When someone is trying to run you over with their car, how fast is too fast exactly? Do you say to yourself “Hey self, you are going to fast. Best I just slow down and let that maniac hit me rather than break speed laws.” Also, when he went to the left side it was because the car manuvered to his right and blocked off his path back to the right side of the road. After that, we was just fleeing for his life.
I’m not sure how fast that cycle was going but it could not have been very fast if that p.o.s. car could accelerate from near stops and catch up the the cycle.

So says the maniac in the car who kept trying to hit him. The police say “Mr. Rosa totally loses it when Mr. Gonzalez gives him an initial hand gesture and goes into some sort of rage,”

additional edit to add: Try to break the glass of a side mirror by punching it with a gloved hand. Those things are spring tensioned in place and are designed to handle impact from the front and rear. I’m not buying that the glass was cracked from a punch.


File under - when assholes collide.


Wow, I was getting nervous just watching that.
Pretty crazy idea riding so fast on the wrong side but it looks like he was bricking it trying to get away from the other maniac!

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Too stupid to live.

It’s hard for non motorcycle drivers to comprehend, but this is a common occurrence on the road. The unfounded hate for motorcycles is deep rooted in our country. I do not condone the bike riders
modus operandi in this particular case. My wife and I [lifelong riders] get off the road immediately and or just stop by the side of the road, we have both been hit before by this kind of road rage, it’s beyond frightening.


Wow, good thing this happened in a town where, apparently, nobody ever walks anywhere ever. The whole time I was terrified someone would be crossing the street when this idiocy ripped through at goddess-knows-how-many mph.


That was unsafe times 10. He took the lives of others in his hands, thankfully he did not hit an oncoming car.


As a cyclist, I understand exactly what you mean. Getting behind the wheel of car seems to turn many people into insane, impatient arseholes.


They fail to remember they are in a “cage”, we are in, well the air/nothing. When the two collide, the motorcyclist/bicyclists lose big time. Stay safe Cowboy!

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At the end of the linked article (you all read the linked article, right?) there is the (poorly sourced) allegation that the motorcyclist use to post videos of himself “messing with cars”; the driver of this car, who clearly is a menace, claims that the incident started when the motorcyclist punched the driver’s side mirror, damaging it.

None of this in any way excuses the car driver’s appalling actions, but with all this in mind, and seeing that the motorcyclist drove against oncoming traffic and at twice the speed limit, you can see why the police wanted to charge the motorcyclist, not only the car driver (who is, in any case, facing far more serious charges).


The motorcyclist definitely deserved the reckless driving. The driver of the car got what he deserved too.