Asshole motorist repeatedly attempts to block motorcycles


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Hey, asshole, you are supposed to “Punch Up” – so try to block a semi-trailer or, better still, a diesel locomotive.


Driving and shooting video is also questionable.


I’m against lane splitting myself.stay in the lane like the rest of us. I already need to pay attention to cars on. 4 sides but now I have to worry about assholes on bikes that come out of nowhere on either side.
Nothing I like better than a POS with super loud pipes that just happens to punch it right as they’re rolling past my open window.
I’d never actively try to block someone but I won’t move out of the way either.
Personally I’d like to see motorcycles banned from all interstate freeways


That’s unfair. My 500cc Honda isn’t going to make the same noise as a hog or even a sport bike.


Personally I’d like to see people proclaiming such stupid opinions banned from the information highway.




Every day I see douchebaggery by motorcycles on my 45 minute commute. Everything from wheelies to boxing in cars by packs of bikes. Yesterday I watched someone standing on his pegs both hands off the handlebars…look twice save a life indeed



Well you can’t ride bicycles on the interstate or ride a horse on an interstate (usually)…


Everyday I see douchebaggery from people in internet comment sections. Guess we shouldn’t let commenters be safe anymore.


It is legal for motorcycles to use carpool lanes and to filter or lane share. It is not legal to attempt assault with a deadly weapon because you’re pissed someone is going faster than you.

Surviving a motorcycle ride is an exercise in understanding that every other car is actively trying to kill you. That in mind, slow but steady moving traffic is extremely dangerous: cars try to dart between lanes to get ahead every time they see a gap by suddenly changing lanes, braking distances are unpredictable, speed differentials between lanes get extreme, and overall it’s a terrible time to be on an unprotected single-person vehicle.


I am not a fan of lane splitting and I do not do it when I ride. But I would never block someone who was doing it. Its a completely acceptable practice (where legal).

  1. The incident occurred in California.
  2. Motorcyclist lane-splitting is legal in California.
  3. The August 2016 bill allowing lane-splitting passed by 69 to 0.
  4. Anyone having a problem with that can contact their representative.
  5. Given the 69-0 count… good luck with point 4.
  6. FYI: I don’t ride motorcycles, and I wouldn’t be caught dead on one especially in light of the anti-bike a-holes out there.


I’ve been doored (someone deliberately threw open their car door when I was filtering to the front at a red light) and blocked multiple times in my past 2 years of riding in the SF Bay Area. However, gratefully, those are the exception, not the rule. I ride Monday through Friday, to and from work, and it is far, far more often that I’m in danger from someone who isn’t paying attention or, worse, someone who’s trying to be helpful but instead starts driving erratically (like pulling over to the extreme side to allow me to pass safely, except we’re going 70 and I was perfectly fine behind them).


Someone (with ties to a motorcycle group I’m sure) had deemed it safe but it’s also illegal in a lot of States. actually I think CA is the one state where it is implicitly legal by statute.


Obviously dooring someone is wrong on multiple levels.


From the start of the video (transcript mine):

Caught on camera: a tense confrontation on the 210 freeway that was triggered by lane splitting

{s}Nice{/s} bit of framing there by the reporter.


Notice the video is from the passenger’s perspective. She wasn’t driving.


Road rage is irrational. Stopping a 300-pound piece of moving metal and plastic with a person on it with your car door is going to result in at-fault damage to your own vehicle and the potential of liability for damage to another vehicle and person. But I guess you get to feel good that they didn’t get ahead of you?