Road rage causes a spectacular, horrifying accident

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Holy cow! How did the motorcycle stay up?!

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No way to know what happened before the clip but it looks like the motorcycle rider set it off by kicking the car, whose driver reacted and lost control. Right?


I was in mid reply with the same question. Is that travel lane a single vehicle lane and the car perhaps bullied the motorcyclist?

Feels like the motorcycle rider is at fault here without knowing more.

EDIT: went and saw this on the youtube description:
The passenger who shot the video said he started recording when a gray sedan inadvertently cut off a passing motorcyclist.

The motorcyclist zooms up to the driver’s side of the sedan and kicks the side of the vehicle. The sedan veered left, pinching the biker to the center divider before it swerved and crashed into the wall, hitting and flipping a Chevy pickup truck over on its roof. The motorcyclist zooms past the collision.

I don’t like that the car cut off the motorcyclist; but riding close and kicking his door isn’t ok either.


I would assume the motorcyclist did not kick the car as a compliment to the driver for considerate driving, but yes.


That incident (not accident) takes place in California where the motorcyclist is allowed to lanesplit.


More like lane splitting is not specifically targeted as legal or illegal by the California state law. It is up to the CHiPs and local PD to enforce how they want to enforce.

Yes; however, Lane splitting is not lane sharing. That wasn’t what I was wondering. The YT description actually confirms what I was thinking happened. The cyclist is riding in the single lane, and the car cut him off.

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Deplorable. Revenge over a percieved or real slight is not more important than other people’s safety. I hope there were no serious injuries.


Surprised he didn’t have a sidecar to carry his enormous balls for pulling a stupid stunt like that.


Never drive the 14.

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Lanesplitting and sharing are the same thing, the motorcycle can ride next to the car for as long as it feels the need.

Kicking the car, stupid and might be vandalism or assault.

Swerving the car to push the motorcyclist is “Assault with a deadly weapon”


I was involved in a similar kicking incident in Boulder a few years ago, and can speak to the car’s behavior – in mine, I was the driver of the car. It did not end nearly so badly as this video clip. For one thing, we were all going much slower. For another, the only impact was between the cyclist’s boot and my car.

A motorcyclist pulled between me and another car on a city street, and kicked our rear quarterpanel. I was so startled I jerked round to see, and that motion steered us a bit sideways too. The motorcyclist sped off. Both he and I called the police, who in the end declined to take a report.

My take-away is that the car swerving toward the impacting motorcyclist is not prima facie evidence that the car was vindictive. In my incident, surprise almost caused me to lose control of the car at 35-40 mph. I swerved but in the end stayed in my lane. At 70mph that might not have been the case.


Cutting off another vehicle is bad. Retaliating by kicking it is worse. Swerving into the other vehicle is even worse. Overall, I score the car as the bigger asshole.


“Holy cow! How did the motorcycle stay up?!”

Fuckin’ gyroscopes, how do they work?


That’s not how I interpreted the CHP guidelines. Splitting is for in between lanes, while sharing is going to happen naturally, the motorcyclist should either keep moving between or move to in front and over take a vehicle in the lane. Additionally, cars are not to lane split.share at all…it is at the motorcyclists discretion.

This is moot I suppose, as I was trying to gauge if they were attempting to lane share or did the car cut him off, and it would seem confirmed the later is true.

And while I agree the difference between those two as you outline is accurate (stupid vs willful endangerment)…I am fairly certain if a cop had been on the scene, he’d have gone after the cyclist too.

You know, now that you say that, it does kind of look like an involuntary response on the part of the car driver. He swerves immediately upon being kicked. It doesn’t look so much like a calculated attack as a reflexive jerk.


I don’t think the car was vindictive. It seemed clear that they simply lost control in reaction to the kick. The cyclist on the other hand, was presumably kicking the car as retaliation for being cut off.


Is that an actual explosion when the car hits the wall? I thought that sort of thing only happened in the movies. Maybe it’s just a mass of sparks?