Crazed man attacks motorcyclists for lane splitting


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When two criminals fight, does everyone win? Or no one?


I see one criminal. Aside from the dope on his back which criminal are you talking about?


Lane splitting isn’t a crime everywhere.


Lane splitting is perfectly legal in CA. Seems perfectly stupid to do that with your life, but that’s not my call.


After riding motorcycles in L.A. for 20 years I’ve seen and experienced my fare share of road rage toward motorcyclists. I think some non-riders might be surprised to know how often drivers intentionally attempt to sideswipe motorcyclists who legally split lanes or occasionally just for the sport of bullying someone more vulnerable.




Car drivers think they own the road, and that all other sorts of vehicles owe them fealty and deference.


A remarkable amount of restraint shown.


That great moment where the rager realizes he’s in the wrong and he ain’t gonna get away with it.


My favorite part was the shocked expression on his face when he found himself flat on his back.


Shortly after he realizes that the other guy set him down like a sack of potatoes and there’s fuck all he can do about it. I don’t know if that’s remarkable skill, or remarkable strength, or if the road rager is just made out of balsa wood or what


He has the distinct look of awakening from a medicated stupor.


Aren’t we ending Flash? I’m not authorizing it just to watch this nutter get decked.


Or conveniently settling into a medicated stupor that was a little late to arrive.


Those eyes!


As stated lane splitting isn’t illegal everywhere. Also even if it is that does not justify getting out of the car and assaulting the rider.


“wait, it wasn’t supposed to happen like this”


In the United States, however, attacking another person on the street is a crime.


Not sure what your point is. It’s legal. And, congrats, you found a study by a pro-motorcycle group that finds lane-splitting is safe. Everybody has their studies.