Road rager drops phone, tries to punish other driver for it


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Nothing say’s you’re the bigger man like getting out of your car into oncoming traffic.

Jeez Louise!


Oh dear, what an utter twat.
You really shouldn’t drive like a cunt when your numberplate and face are on camera.


Love the soundtrack.


Do some people just spend their lives in a state of ‘something to prove’, or is it something about cars that brings it to the surface?


Why wouldn’t he pull over and try to salvage the phone? I mean, all the rest of it is stupid too, starting with pursuing a car with multiple passengers, but how irrational do you have to be to lose focus on the fact that you could pull over immediately and at least get your phone back?


Me too! I unironically like it!


38 seconds - yeah, I LOLd!


Isn’t this video like a mobius strip? it starts and ends with the putz stopped in front of them.


It seems to me that cars bring out our worst selves.


Am I the only one who thinks that at 0:08 the driver of the uploader’s car maybe shoots the bird to the driver of the white car, kickstarting the incident??


The “incident” was likely well underway by the time cameras were recording it. Someone cut someone off, and it escalated from there.


I agree. It’s likely that we have rager vs. rager, rather than rager vs. “other driver”


It’s cars. When you are in your car, you feel like you have armor so you can flip out on anything.


After being in a few minor-ish accidents, two of which caused whiplash that took me several months to get back to normal from, I recognize that a car’s armor value is only in not getting crushed. Cars don’t have the ability to defy F=M*A and under extreme A will apply lots of F to your body.


I don’t think so. Seems to be a displeased wave, but not a flipping bird.


This guy deserves to become a meme and face it for the rest of his life…


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an extreme negative A will F you right up.


True that, but you still feel like nothing can hurt you. I drive in a Southern state and I am always keeping an eye on the other drivers since they don’t care if they run into me or not. I figure they are born again Christians and so don’t care if they live or die in this world.