Hit and run driver even dumber than usual


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So the hood was open? Asking for a friend…


Karma can strike at any time.


it looks like it


What was with the selective bleeping? Maybe they were only allotted a certain amount of bleeps?


But are you sure?


OK. My beef is with the guy doing the video. Why did he not video in landscape format like intelligent people do, and why was he videoing while driving?


Cause he was driving away with the HOOD open! I mean, look at that shit!


I have no proof that the green SUV pictured in the article with the hood up is the same green SUV in the video but it sure looks like it.


Yes, do you know what I am saying?




I presume the SUV driver knew the person they hit was following them. If that’s the case one could arguably say that the ensuing accident later on was precipitated by them chasing the SUV and that they might be partly to blame.

IANAL… just thinking out loud on the kind of defense a scummy lawyer might try to use. Though on some level i do think chasing after someone that’s doing this is irresponsible, just get their plate info and hang way back


Like a coiled snake, it strikes without warning, merciless and swift.



Wow! Driving with the hood up and blocking the view ahead? It must have been caused by hitting the other car. But that driving blind is just flirting with disaster. Can’t say WE didn’t see that coming.


But it’s not really the reason why he rolled, more likely he went round the corner too fast because he was being chased


He has passengers.


And loud beeping as well. A lot more offensive to my ears than the original naughty words.


I was thinking they should’ve been calling the police - reporting where the SUV was going before the driver hit someone else.


Given the language in there that wasn’t bleeped, what the ***** were they bleeping?


…in a car with a high center of gravity. Something he should have thought of when he bought the thing.