Watch this poor fellow run after his car as it rolls away from him

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Lesson for today: Small mistakes can lead to large consequences. Also, “Gravity is a harsh mistress.”


Soooooo that’s why they are called dash-cams!


This is… funny? I think we probably need something other than personal tragedy if you’re looking for a distraction from our current national tragedy.

Ended about how one would think it would end.


Does the second part involve a human corpsicle?

His windscreen got broken, and he’s going to have to get a tow truck to pull it right-side-up, I expect, but it’s hardly a tragedy. He might even be covered by his insurance, particularly if he claims that the hand-brake was faulty.


Aw damn, I just got rid of my last harsh mistress - the moon -and figured this was the perfect place to recuperate.


It’s also funny because I don’t believe anyone but him could have posted it initially. Whether or not he was at fault for the parking brake (forgetting to set it, or if it was faulty), if nobody got hurt (like a child in the back seat or something), then it’s just minor property damage, and once he retrieved the video from the camera, he probably thought it was worth posting for laffs.

God knows I would have, Yakety Sax soundtrack and all.


Nah, you want Lagrange-3, mate.

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What did he think he was going to do if he ran fast enough to catch up with it?


I’m not wholly on the ‘it’s funny’ side of things*, but do agree that that was a mercifully harmless rollover.

* However, i do think it was worth posting; to remind us to set parking brakes, to elicit sympathy for this poor fellow, and so that we can each think with perfect hindsight what we would have done differently or better.**

** For example, i think he should have gone for the door. The car was going much to fast for a grab for the bumper to be effective in snow, and that’s the most that he seemed to do.***

***(Note to self: back to sympathy now.)


I expected Priebus chasing after his Party…

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Physics tells us screaming "no no no! " does not actually slow the car down, but you’re going to do it anyway.


That’s the only way he could have stopped it, but trying to run along the snowy banked sides of a narrow road next to a moving automobile has the potential for a worse outcome.


Very fair point.

So, what was his plan?

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This is why you always set the handbrake turn the wheels toward the curb/roadside. Even a car with a set handbrake can slide away on unstable footing.


Years ago, I was driving a borrowed automatic transmission car to help out with a charity cycle ride–I’ve never owned an automatic, although of course I’ve driven them from time to time. I was making my final round to pick up signs and was much more tired than I expected to be. I got out to grab a sign, leaving the door open, only to discover that I’d left the car on and in drive–did I mention that I was really tired and was unfamiliar with the car? I was able to chase it down and jump in before anything happened, but then, it was on a level surface and moving slowly. That one makes my “I’m an idiot” list, although, sad to say, no where near the top ten.


Watch this poor fellow run after his cat as it rolls away from him.

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