Man clings to hood of car at 70 mph in road rage video


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Forget it Rob; it’s just Massholes.


Is that Alec Baldwin?


Look, that’s just how we roll in Taxachusetts, OK? Dude probably didn’t use his blinkah.

In all honesty I can say living in the Bay State has taught me to be a better driver, or at least a more careful, aware driver. (Case in point: it’s better to let pushy drivers usurp the right of way rather than get into an incident.)


I liked this one:

Now, that’s thinking on your feet, well, on the hood … something, something…


What was amazing was the guy is holding on with one hand and texting on his phone with the other. Mass needs to go hands free man.


I got nothing!


This is what comes of watching too many Hong Kong action flicks.


The guy on the hood had brown hair when the incident began.






Newly released footage, better camera angle:



Unfortunately, he chose to wear his grey pants that morning.


And another guy shows up with a gun drawn? Is anybody asking who he is? Is it just fine he’s pointing a gun at people?


Forget it, Jake. It’s America.


Hereabouts when a fella is obviously trying to kill another fella, it’s not considered a party foul for a legal gun owner to pull an weapon on him and tell him to stop. It’s considered kind of a favor.


So just do nothing and hope the guy doesn’t get flung off the hood and run over? Or run over when trying to get off the hood?

The police obviously did.

The man with the gun was not charged.


Okay, before this thread devolves into yet another uselessly tedious gun debate, even though that’s not at all the focal point of the story;


Not only is it fine, but IMHO he had a moral obligation to intervene.


Kudos to these gentlemen for promoting carpooling culture.