This cyclist records videos of road ragers and posts them to YouTube

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Kind of a wanker, no?


I would say the drivers who are unwilling to share the road safely are the wankers…


The video where he shamed the lady who was looking at her phone while sitting in a traffic jam was pretty ridiculous. Not only that, but he crossed the street at a non-crosswalk location to confront her.


Well, except that even those kinds of mindless moments for drivers can result in even worse situations for bikers and pedestrians.

At some point, those of us who drive cars NEED to understand that we’re driving around a couple of tons of metal that can kill people and treat driving with the attention it deserves at all times, in all places. I would say that non-attentive drivers who kill people walking or on bikes are a much larger problem than this guy making a video about it… :woman_shrugging:


not wrong the big lebowski GIF


We don’t force people to cross at crosswalks on this side of the pond. We do force people to not play with their phone when driving, even if stationary.


Got it. Jaywalking is a thing here.

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Just FYI, most American states have hands free laws, too. But of course, people violate it all the time.


He reminds me of the main character in Gone Girl (the book). Because, aside from the whole faking your own murder and pinning it on your lover, I think we can all relate to the deep urge to hold people accountable!


I guess everyone needs a hobby.


In my experience (I deal with these situations regularly) with regard to traffic infractions, the police are more forgiving than this guy seems to be. Traffic laws are often in contradiction with our lived experience. A few examples: I’m in NJ and people generally don’t get speeding tickets unless they are going more than 15 miles over the speed limit. Similarly, people don’t get tickets for slowing down to look for an address by the side of the road (that is called impeding the flow of traffic). That being said, the examples shown are troublesome. Further, if this guy were to be successful in seeing these tickets prosecuted, he’d likely have to appear in court three times for each one.

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apparently it takes a massive douche to find massive douche


Once again, drivers not paying attention and breaking traffic laws regularly in cities will put cyclists and pedestrian at risk of DEATH, not just a fucking bent fender. So I get cyclists and pedestrians wishing to bring greater attention to these infractions.


I’ve been watching his video’s since right before COVID and with respect to wrong-side drivers he is completely correct. I think some of his approach to hands-free users is questionable, and even moreso his defense on twitter of bike riders who break the rules. In particular saying the all car drivers break the law (speed) so people on bikes should be able to run lights and stop signs is not a very convincing argument to me.

The one with the doctors who are so late that they have a bunch of time to argue with someone who is clearly in the right is my personal favorite.

In general he’s doing a service and as a mutli-mode roadway user (pedestrian, bike, scooter, motorcycle, various crappy cars over the years and some that are less crappy), I’ve always thought the road is a better place when people behave in predictable ways - which generally lines up with following the law.


What’s the difference between a douche and a distracted driver?
One is an unnecessary thing potentially harmful to a vulnerable population, but which they’re told to accept and even appreciate, and the other is…
Oh, wait, there’s not really much of a difference. :woman_shrugging:t2:


Last three accidents on my motorcycle were people on cell phones, two left the scene and paid dearly once caught, one was decent enough to stop and check that I wasn’t hurt, but then lied to the PD on their arrival, but I had it all on cam video, so that sucks for them.

Anyone defending the drivers needs to take a better look in the mirror, this ain’t funny, people die everyday because humans are addicted to their mobile phones. Put your phone away, and enjoy the drive for f@cks sake.


There’s a whole thing about how jaywalking laws are racist and classist, especially in the context of how roads are structured to essentially prevent pedestrians from getting anywhere.


Something about the American legal system is racist and classist!!!

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Well, I never!


I know this is a difficult concept to some but… If you look at the history of traffic laws it immediately becomes clear that most traffic rules don’t exist to make roads safer (See: mortality statistics) but to free the car driving elite against their responsibility towards others.

Roads and streets used to be common land where everybody could go free but was also responsible for their actions. Traffic accidents happened but were rare. Cars introduced the danger on the road and rules were than introduced to get all other users off the road and make those outside of the cars responsible to avoid them.