Good cop delivers instant justice to driver tailgating a cyclist

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Skokie: it’s more than KKK marches!


I still believe there are more good cops than bad ones out there. videos like this give me hope.


if you watch the bikes computer display you can see he was going between 28 & 32 mph through the clip, and you can see he was traveling at the same rate as the cars. The only reason for tailgating him in this situation is because you are a dick.


I don’t even care if the bike is going fast or slow. When i drive and i’m around people on bikes and motorcycles i give them a little bit of extra room and only pass when i know it’s safe to do so rather than zoom around them.

I’ve had a friend that got ran off the road on both a bike and scooter multiple times. And assholes would tailgate her or swerve in her general direction to freak her out. And yes she’s been hit a couple of times as well. I don’t know why someone would be such an asshole but they can go fuck themselves.


Nice! I am fully supportive of good cops doing a good job.
Credit where it is due, and all that.

If you want to change behaviour, the best way is to use positive reinforcement on the behaviour you want to see, AND to chastise that you don’t._


Absolutely. If there were just more of them that engaged with us like this and made a point to show us “that [they] care” there’d be a lot less animosity towards them.

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There is also the joy of riding in a clearly marked bike lane with signs reading “Bike may use full lane”, and massive bike graphics on the road, and having cars drive up behind me to yell “you should watch where you are going”. As if I could see them in the first place.


I can’t bring myself to ride in bike lanes that mix with traffic. There are too many asshole or oblivious drivers on the road, I’m not going to risk my life in order to follow rules. Sorry pedestrians, but I’m with you, up on the sidewalk.
Yes, I ride safely around foot traffic.


I don’t mind when bikers are on the sidewalk, i did this all the time in Reno and Vegas when i lived in those cities. However i was keenly aware that i wasn’t supposed to be on the sidewalk and when i saw someone walking i’d slow way down or hop off the sidewalk for a second and then back on after i passed them.

Here in Austin though i’ve had many people on bikes fly past me on a narrow sidewalk without ever slowing down or giving me room and they give me dirty looks like i’m the one inconveniencing them. Bitch you have a bike lane you’re not using, step off.


I haven’t ridden seriously in years (health reasons) but am eager to get back out on the road soon. I commuted regularly for many years and have seen my share of asshole drivers. While a few are definitely intentional, most drivers are simply unaware and self-involved to notice bikers so their actions are just plain careless rather than malicious.

That’s why when I do (did) ride in traffic, I ride aggressively and make myself as visible as possible. The cardinal sin of bicyclists is to be unpredictable. I will ride in the center of my lane (lawfully) so that idiots are not encouraged to squeeze past me as I can easily keep pace with traffic during rush hour. At intersections, I always look to make direct eye contact with turning cars and am not shy about yelling or shouting out to distracted drivers and pedestrians. I may come across as one of those asshole cyclists but I’m in much greater danger than your 2 ton SUV or precious Frappuccino.

It’s good to see cops who understand that cyclists have a legal right to share the road and take safety seriously. Good on the guy for doing something about it.


I was on my scooter in a rather large intersection when a pickup truck ran the red. I changed course to get out of the way and he followed me. I’m pretty sure he nailed me on purpose, and then he didn’t stick around and the police never found him.

We need more people like you on the road, because almost dying sucks. Thanks for being one of the good ones.


Ugh people like that are monsters. I hope more people on bikes and motorcycles use cams to catch these people in action. I’ve been mulling over getting a dash cam for my car, don’t really know much about them as i haven’t done much research… not sure what the cost is, what features one should look for, etc.

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I got this one for Christmas and have been happy with it. Small and unobtrusive compared to others I’ve seen. It’s a bit more expensive than most but we got a 50% off deal which made it worthwhile. I like that it has GPS and G-force sensors so it automatically saves the video in the event of any impact. Otherwise it just records on a continuous 5 min loop. It’s also good in low-light conditions for night driving. Major drawback is battery sucks so needs constant power source.

Lots of features now which make direct comparisons difficult. Other than small size and full view of the road I don’t really care about all the extra bells and whistles.


The biker was going 32 in a 30, give him a ticket, too!! jk, but serious question, can a bike be pulled over for speeding? I realize he wasn’t going over enough here, but what about a biker that goes down a hill at 40 mph in a 25 mph zone. It happens in my neighborhood. Can’t say they are actually going 40, but I know they are going way over 25. Very dangerous. Also, at the bottom of that hill is a 4 way stop and they will just blow through that if they see no cars at any of the stop signs. Feel like if they want to act like a car, they should be ticketed like one as well, but maybe that’s just me.

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Nice, thanks for the recommendation and your thoughts. Can you give the dash cam a command of sorts to save a clip even if a collision hasn’t occurred? I would presume so.

Sadly it isn’t just you, but it should be.

I recall something about this… hmmm… a quick search answers this as a maybe. Depending on where you live and the specificity on the wording for speeding infractions

I quote:

The Highway Code and the Road Traffic Act speeding limits apply only to motor vehicles and their drivers. However, it is possible for local authorities to impose speed limits on cyclists but this is rarely done. The local council would have to state specifically the limit and the penalty for breaching that limit.

Cyclists can also run stop signs if they feel it is safe to do so as far as i understand. Though also highly depends on the local laws for this one to be true.


Awhile back on the freeway, a motorcycle cop bull-horned a driver who was tailgating me. “Back off!! Back off!!”

Guess what the driver did.



Absolutely. I’ve seen it happen. There’s a small town up in the mountains nearby which is on a favorite road for the road-racing crowd. Speed limit is 25 and the local cop will sit out there waiting for bikers to coming blowing thru on the downhill. I’ve seen him pull over whole pelotons.