Bicyclist express disapproval of driver eating a bowl of cereal


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I once saw a truck driver playing guitar. Wide open freeway in SoCal or Arizona, but still.

Oh, and a lady curling her eyelashes with one of those scissor/Clockwork Orange things, in NorCal traffic. Woodeye!


England has become a spineless nanny state.


…he says, while biking on the left side of the road the whole time!!! :open_mouth:


May have been porridge. Just sayin’.


This BoingBoing contributor, diminishing and belittling vulnerable road users one snarky blog post at a time.


Leaves me with more sympathy for the driver than the cyclist


Yeah, I am an everyday commuter cyclist and see appalling behaviour from motorists, cyclists and pedestrians all the time. I am mostly pretty calm and just go about my business, hoping that the makeup applying, texting, cereal eating, coffee drinking, kid-yelling, half-asleep and generally distracted and impatient drivers leave me alone. The video vigilantes do nothing to improve things, really.


Pretty sure this was one of the best It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia episodes.

Charlie: Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished collies. My client, Frank here, isn’t really on trial today, ya know. Common sense is on trial. And while common sense would tell you that eating a bowl of cereal while operating a car it’s reckless, it’s moronic, one might even call it, ‘donkey-brained’.
Dennis: Donkey-brained?
Charlie: It means to have the brains of a donkey or a donkey-type creature.
Dennis: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I think I know what it means, guy.


Hmm, I wonder which is more illegal, having a bite of cereal while stopped at a red light, or haranguing motorists for petty offenses? And I can’t imagine this is literally illegal?


I have, in my days as a bicyclist, gone off on drivers who did something that actually endangered me, but this looks like someone looking for an excuse to be a righteously indignant dick. Also, I eat oatmeal like that, so I’m looking forward to my first encounter with a bicycling cereal vigilante. Yes, it is stupid and dangerous. And convenient.


I once saw a guy practicing trumpet while driving on the Merritt Parkway during rush hour…


Woman refuses to immediately comply with the demands of a passing bicyclist waving at her wildly and yelling through her window! What other indignities will bicyclists suffer from next?


Next stop Piccadilly!


It is almost certainly illegal. You must pay due care and attention to the control of your vehicle. Balancing a bowl of cereal on your lap would make this impossible. Driving a car is the most dangerous thing any of us do in terms of the risk we pose to others. In driving our cars about, we routinely kill and maim our families, friends, strangers and ourselves at a rate that dwarfs anything else we do.


Why would you look forward to such an encounter? I’d imagine it is pretty unpleasant for both parties. But each to their own, I guess.


So a poor woman (yes, doing something she shouldn’t) who has (as of yet) caused no trouble gets yelled at by a self-righteous stranger who suddenly appears beside her car.

Yeah, weirdly, I might be with the driver on this one.


In SoCal I see makeup application and/or guys shaving pretty much every day.


I saw a guy talking on his phone once.


To be fair, the driver had toked up before munching out, which would have made her hyper-alert and therefore counterbalanced the distracting effects of the cereal.