Texting driver on cyclist she struck: "I just don't care"




[quote]The cyclist suffered a spinal fracture which required surgery and placement in a spinal cage at Melbourne’s Austin Hospital. He was originally told he could be left a paraplegic and spent three months recovering.

He also suffered a broken big toe and lacerations to his head and body.[/quote]
Oh, Nooo! Not the big toe!


I can’t say that I’m surprised by the fact that she’s a gigantic asshole; but I am somewhat surprised by how…unpragmatic…she is about it. Are Australian cops notoriously sympathetic and unlikely to use damaging statements against you or something?

I would have expected some crocodile tears, just for strategy’s sake.


I kind of wondered if there was a factor in the incident not properly recorded and therefore unreportable without a lot of potential trouble in those libel-tastic commonwealth countries.


She’s an honest sociopath, I’ll give her that.


I wonder if this is the same Kimberley Davis from Port Fairy: http://www.moyneyana.port-fairy.com/index.php?page=moyneyana-festival-hits-town-22-12-2011


Motorists vs. Cyclists in 3… 2…

No? Everyone agrees that texting and driving is stupid?


Yeah, it always hurts when the opposing team scores one against Team Darwin.


Isn’t a P plate supposed to mean “fuck this up, and you don’t get a license?”


"I don’t agree that people texting and driving could hit a cyclist.”

She then went on to say she doesn’t agree that the pope is Catholic or that bears shit in the woods.

My father used to work with a guy who’d been arrested multiple times for DUI. After each arrest he’d say, “I’ll do my time and when it’s done I’ll be back on the road again. I hope I don’t kill anybody.”

As appalling as his attitude was at least he knew his actions could harm someone else. He may not have cared, but he didn’t deny the reality. This woman has taken it to a whole new level.


Give it more time. We need a dozen or more posts before the obligatory ‘I saw a cyclist run a red light so there’ post.


She needs some scarlet letter type justice. A tattoo on her forehead that reads something like “I’m a terrible human.”

Or maybe a mandate that the only vehicle she is allowed to operate is a moped or bicycle.


I say only a bicycle. Let her find out what it’s like to be on the other end.

I don’t want her to suffer any physical injury, but, ideally, she’ll get a sense of how dangerous distracted driving can be.


That’d give the “I saw a cyclist texting so there” team a whole lot of material…


“I’m kind of pissed off that the cyclist has hit the side of my car."


The cyclist was on the edge of the road heading west when Davis hit him from behind

I get the feeling there’s some context missing here.


Reminds me of this charmer:


I’ve seen plenty of cyclists run red lights. Doesn’t mean they deserve to get hit by a car.


As someone who rides both bicycle and car, I can say with certainty that any negative reputations on either side of the coin are deserved. People are just the worst when it comes to the roads.


I should pull over to say so, but yes.


as individuals, yes.

As 3500 lbs vs. 200 lbs… HELL NO