The best driver in Los Angeles

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What must have been going on in that guy’s head?


Probably not a ton. The airbag blew in the accident, so he may have had some head trauma.


It’s clear the guy is suffering from some form of mental break, whether it be from the airbag or something else. I don’t think there’s enough damage to the white car to warrant the airbag, so I’m guessing that he was actually fleeing from some other incident and the white car just happened to be in his way.


He must’ve been in a hurry. Maybe he had diarrhea and needed to find a toilet. Or the meth kicked in. Or he was upset that Scaramucci was ousted.


The best driver in Los Angeles? They all drive that way there. He’s just run of the mill.


I bet it scared the piss out of the lady in front of him.

Assault with a deadly weapon. Hope that guy gets time behind bars.


breakfast is the most important meal of the day


My guess is panic and a predisposition toward road rage combined with a concussion. The guy doesn’t even really seem to know what he’s doing most of the time, half the time he’s trying to ram the car in front of him, he’s bouncing off the rev-limiter because the thing is in neutral.


Certainly better choices than doughnuts and Monster, of course.


I don’t think it’s in neutral, I think he’s overwhelmed the clutch on an automatic (that was just in a front end collision). I say this based on the noises the car made when he got it in reverse finally.

He may well have a head injury, he’s still a public danger at the end of the vid.


and a hug.

someone needs a hug


Tarantino couldn’t have done better.


That car doesn’t have a clutch unless it’s a manual (which would be fairly unlikely) but a torque converter. If he’d roasted a clutch, he might be able to get the engine to rev that high, but a fluid coupling would likely introduce too much drag for him to get the engine to redline like that if it was in gear.

But yeah, the guy is definitely a danger to public when he leaves. Mentioning a concussion isn’t excusing him, just speculating a root cause for his erratic behavior.


You know what I meant. A torque converter is a type of clutch. It’s obviously an automatic style transmission that is broken in the car and not working, as it’s an American sedan.

Well it might not be a concussion so much as a contracoup. :wink:

There is definitely something wrong with his perception of the world around him though, so I am guessing concussion or really high on something else (causing the accident in the first place).
He keeps turning the wheels left and right and does not seem to understand why he is not moving, or what the steering wheel even does.
I didn’t see him cursing or acknowledging anyone else around him.
He seems genuinely confused and disoriented .


The thing that tells you it’s in LA is 50 people staring at the guy, and nobody comes over to see if he needs help.


WTF do you want them to do? Get close to a person revving and hitting another car? Yeah, no thanks.

Fun story, on the way back from a sportsball game, I took a back roads way home, and saw something similar with a van repeatedly hitting a sports car and then driving off. Combined with a girl in cutoff shorts crying on the side of the road, I assumed it was some sort of white trash drama. I called the cops and got the hell out of there.


The way he was playing with the steering wheel and talking/shouting to himself, it could have been a concussion or psychotic episode, but I believe a more likely answer is that he was tripping balls on something the whole time.

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