Video of people accidentally breaking things


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I can’t watch it. Too much vertical video. It hurts my eyes.


The cup tower smashing Cockatoo was my fave. I looked up the original, after she finished with the tower she started setting cups upright and knocking them over:


I really want to know the story behind the hit and run at 3:20 or so. It looks like they were taking video of scratches along the side of the car (either keyed or sideswiped) when they narrowly avoided getting creamed by that SUV, which then takes off.

Was it the same person who scratched up the side of the car? Is this just a fragment of a larger story of grievances, revenge, and broken hearts? Inquiring minds wanna know.


Yeah, if you go back about 15s you see the girl double park that same SUV and walk up to the house. Looks like she tried to come back and finish the job. :frowning:


She was probably mad about not being in the “birds are jerks” video.


Paul Jennings (I think) wrote an article about Resistentialism, the supposed French philosophy that “les choses sont contre nous”. But that video just reminds us that what is against us is generally sheer human stupidity (and avian malice - never underestimate the malice of a cockatoo. I have been told of Australian ones walking along an entire washing line, removing the pegs one by one and flapping every time some washing fell to the ground. Millennials probably won’t know what a washing line was. It was what we had before condensing driers.)


Thanks, I must have missed that the first two times (the hell, me?). I thought that the broken house window video was separate. [facepalm]


The cockatoo was delightful. The rest were mostly painful.

I think that’s a safe assumption. The person with the camera was clearly prepared for something to happen, so this probably wasn’t even the first time.


11’-8" is a wonderful collection of a single bridge’s crusade against poor measuring skills.


Is this video a way of trying to get me to buy one of the on-sale dashcams from the other thread?



We got rear-ended like that last year. My wife had to go to the hospital in an ambulance, and is still doing rehab (she’ll be OK, though!). Point is, you are right that some of these are seriously not funny, although that dump truck sequence is irresistible.


There is something very gratifying about the “pawang” sound at 4:15.

ETA: Less satisfying is the preceding clip, when the guy casually puts his phone away after 4:05.


Yeah, I could watch the Cockatoo a dozen times. The reckless driving, car dying (I hope it was the car) in the middle of the highway, and the violent bully destroying someone’s property, not so much.


Kind of weird in a fail video, though I’d guess the “fail” lies within one or more of those things, since the property damage was deliberate in this case.

(EDIT: well, it does say “fails and broken things.”)


I got buzzed by a cockatoo at Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park. It flew up behind me absolutely silently, then as it passed about an inch above my scalp it let out an ear-splitting screech. I very nearly voided my bowels.



Not as good as videos of industrial disasters but still pretty sweet. :smiley:


Ow, My Balls!


SUV lady going to jail for attempted murder.