A compilation of expensive fails


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The doggo jumping up on the table to snatch the drone is perfect.


The one with the cranes falling in to the pit was like something out of Thunderbirds. Terrifying.


Can I ask a totally naive question about this video format?

Why is the footage always displayed that way, with bands of blurry video on the sides? Why aren’t there just non-distracting black bars?


Somebody thinks that the blurry bars disguise the fact that the vertical video was shot by idiots.


Why do people make videos celebrating failure? I much prefer the “people are awesome” videos.




And yes, I will keep posting this as long as it needs posting.


It will need posting till Apple, Samsung and their imitators stop putting buttons on their phones in places that mean that idiots think they can only be held that way.

While I am here can I just say that morons totalling Range Rovers are something I find vastly entertaining. The Range Rover and the like do not belong on urban or suburban roads. Thank you.


I enjoy fail videos, and definitely feel sorry for the people in them. Except traffic lawbreakers like street racers and amateur stunters. Fuck those man-children.


The Range Rover doing a backflip is impressive.


I felt sorry for the trees that copped a packet from the white car with red stripes on it.


The Fast and the Furious XXIV - Extreme Tree Hugging


That crane footage was in a class all its own, most of these fails range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars in damage.

Losing two cranes + the material they were hoisting + the damage to the jobsite + delaying the construction schedule = probably at least a half million dollars in damages



No sympathy for the sports car folks- I guess if you are stupid enough to spend that kind of $$ on a car, then you are stupid enough to not know how to drive them…
also, get off my lawn…


My theory is that the people having a hissy fit about video orientation want to make normal people just as peevish as they are, so they came up with this clever idea to make vertically shot videos fundamentally more annoying. It’s totally working, too.


Interesting to note how stupid tends to compend on itself, like the dude whose car caught on fire and whose thought was “I’ll out-race the flames!” or the people who were filming vertically.


“He’s on to us.”
“I’ll notify the cleaners.”


Wait, where am I?

Oh, right, BoingTube