Video compilation of people accidentally destroying expensive things


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I went to make a compilation like that, but started with my expensive video camera.


Some of those look a bit deliberate.


But what can truly compare to handing the expensive lab equipment or pharmaceutical lab sample over to the science undergrad?


IDGI. These videos just make me tense. =<


The skater & the orange McLaren @ 5’30" is a spoof.


Can some tack the election results to the end of this video?


Most of the fancy car crashes from Fail Army I can understand, but what the hell was going on at 1:15? My best guess is unfamiliarity with the pedals and gearshift…


Possibly some kind of mental breakdown?


Your guess is as good as mine. Looking in the driver’s window, nobody seems to be in an agitated state - unless I’m mistaking the backrest for the driver.


ABRI, alcohol based reduction of intelligence.


My guess is that the person pressed the wrong pedal and continued to smash the throttle thinking it is the brake pedal instead.


Is it bad that I’m laughing?


I don’t understand the ‘slap the iphone while on top of a bridge’ one. What kind of asshole does that?


Powerful rear wheel drive sports cars are fun to drive in controlled conditions, but so easy to lose control of. Lots of those videos were just people losing the back end of high end sports cars which they were driving recklessly on public roads.

I did a track day last week and most of the people driving rear wheel drive cars ended up backwards at least once a session, all day.

So much easier to keep a front wheel drive car pointing the right way, and get around a track faster.

Just sayin’.


Vengeful ex-girlfriend?


Possibly in combination with alcohol and/or coke?


The one with the car suddenly changing lanes and causing a head on collision looked like it might have been a serious accident where people got injured or killed. Less fun.


Seriously, whenever I folow a rabbit hole of Fail Army or Russian dashcams, I get lost for hours.


the thing is this is now prolific and won’t go away