Break-in goes awry


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Idiot burglar throws brick at window but hits partner in the head, has to drag him away

I hope that guy is ok. No one deserves death or brain injury for a simple smash and grab.


Technically, one of them was wildly successful at breaking in

to his buddy’s skull. Didn’t find much inside tho’.


I remember how the comment session went last time there was a “thief gets hurt” video. Who among you shall defend the dignity of this dynamic duo?

ETA: Nevermind, hungryjoe shall be first!


Justice was served, via a brick.


Thick as a brick.


Without regard to what anyone deserves*, I too hope that guy didn’t kill his buddy in a stupid and completely avoidable accident.

* Because you all deserve to slave forever in my lunar radium mines <insert mad Ming the Merciless laugh track>


This is why you establish a firing line and have everyone behind it for safety.


And treat every brick as loaded.


video no work-y


I found a photo of the suspects:


When the break-in suddenly becomes a complicated getaway.


Not sure I can do this, but here goes…


The first time I ever saw this video I was laughing so hard my supervisor wanted to know what was going on. You can’t make this stuff up.


Best case scenario this causes someone to rethink their life choices.



Certainly not worthy of death or brain injury, but I have to say that being burglarized fucking sucks.


I don’t think that was a clue by four he hit him with.


Krazy Kat and Ignatz, I presume.


I watched it, laughed, felt bad about laughing, watched it again, laughed again, felt even worse about laughing…


Deciding that thievery is a viable path may be a manifestation of an already existing brain injury.