Gentleman throws brick at a car, brick bounces back and knocks him out


What do you want for nothing? A rubber biscuit?


My little brother did this with a tree when he was about 9. He and his friends were building a fort under the boughs of a pine tree, and wanted to remove and inconvenient low branch. He threw a brick he’d found to try to break off the branch, which, being a whippy pine branch, catapulted it back right between my brother’s eyes.

It severed his frown muscles, and he would have had permanent botox-face if my mom hadn’t insisted in the ER that even boys need to see a plastic surgeon for major facial injuries. He’s still got a little scar there that looks like a bindhi mark. Moral of the story: those who live in flesh houses shouldn’t throw bricks.


A friend once revealed to me his upper two front teeth were false. He’d unsuccessfully been trying to open a coconut on holiday…in frustration he threw it at a rock. Yes, it bounced back and knocked his teeth out.



I simply can’t stop watching this…


God, I almost did this to myself once. Drove home very late at night, had to get out of my car to use my key card to open the building’s garage, and just under force of muscle-memory habit, hit the “lock” button on the car door. With the keys in the ignition and the car running. And my purse (with my phone) on the front seat. So it’s 3am, I’m probably dressed like a cross between a sex worker and a Benny Hill comedy extra (had been go-going at a burlesque show), no keys, no phone, no way into car or building and no way of calling for help, probably wearing ridiculous shoes unsuitable for walking to a gas station or store in.

So I reluctantly decided to use a nearby cinder block to bash in the passenger side window. I had no idea I was going to get bounce-back the first time I hit it. Thank goodness I was standing off to one side.

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Back in the 1990s, a would be burglar tried to smash a window at some council offices in the UK, not knowing that owing to earlier vandalism they had been replaced with polycarbonate. The brick bounced back and, as I recall, concussed him.
His mother then tried to sue the council for not putting a notice on the wall warning that the windows were unbreakable. (She didn’t succeed).


It’s like someone animated it

Once again it was a gentleman committing the deed. I’d like to see boing boing have a headline “Gentleman Prime minister lost votes” Just to put a little perspective on the topic.

As a kid I was bored waiting for a freight train to pass so i could cross the tracks. I tossed a rock at an oncoming box car and had it returned to me about 40 mph, but I ducked.

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He wasn’t in school when they went over “angle of reflection is angle of incidence”.

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It would be more like “Gentleman lies about election promise, may lose seat”.

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The bar for being a gentleman is lower than I thought.

I like the way his body disappears at the end like a '90s video game baddie.

And now I want to play Double Dragon.

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I don’t know about other countries with similar political systems, but in the UK I would think the things you have to do to become Prime Minister would rule out any possibility of your still being a gentleman at the end of it.
Eton College works on a system called “oiling” which is where some of its pupils learn how to suck up to their superiors and so lubricate their path to power. (I mean nothing else but the plain text of this sentence.) Gentlemen, of course, detest that kind of behaviour. So Old Etonians can become politicians or gentlemen, but not both.

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