Driver runs into motorcyclist who scolded him about using phone

So much this, as much as I would love to tell the jerks to hang the fuck up and drive I just know that there will be one who decides to cause an accident out of spite or worse be armed and use a different deadly weapon.
At least the WA State Patrol does go out and ticket for it, last week on one commute home I saw 3 cars pulled over on the commute home and obviously not for speeding as the rush hour traffic was going 35mph at best. Though I imagine most will be like whatevs, $200 fine, pay that and pick up the iPhone again.


He was using the space between cars to pass everyone stopped at the light and move to the front and being aggressively confrontational to someone using his phone when the car was not in motion. The driver’s response was severely disproportionate but the guy was being a dick and stupidly provoking random people. I can’t say I feel all that sorry for him.

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We have a late entrant to the victim blaming game who has an even better spiel!

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Lane-splitting is completely legal in California, and safe when done properly.

Talking on your phone while in a car is illegal and generally cannot be done safely without the use of a hands-free headset, which this driver was not using.


Fine, Not sure how you read my entry, but I’ll play.
why didn’t he do a citizen’s arrest then?

He simply told him to put down his phone at a red light. Not sure for CA, but most cell phone laws allow for cell phone use when the vehicle is at rest/red light.

Hey, I didn’t write the law and enforcement can only really be done by those with the authority to do so.


Motorcycle/car dichotomy aside, that’s not good citizenry. That’s smug asshattery. No reason to get sideswiped, but this is a road rage incident, not a 4-wheels-vs-2-wheels thing.


Getting hit by a car sucks no matter whose fault it is.


Relative newcomer though he may be, @Mitch_M1 is kinda right. The lane splitting may be legal, the upbraiding of the driver may be deserved, but it is probably not wise. When you challenge someone else’s driving, they’re likely to get mad and four wheels always beats two. Riders aren’t going to improve people’s driving skills by scolding them, they’re only going to get mad and that never ends well. I think the folks on Lansplitter sum it up nicely; Motorcyclists Please Stop Being Sanctimonious Assholes.


We had a bit of discussion about this video over here as well:


Being careless enough to talk illegally on the phone while driving is right on a continuum with proactively side-swiping someone. To that kind of mentality, everyone out there is just an object either to ignore or overcome.


You get honorable mention for failing to acknowledge the motorcyclist’s verbally abusive behavior toward someone who was until that point peacefully minding his own business waiting for the light to change. He appears quite comfortable with his unprovoked verbal abuse of another human being and I’m inclined to doubt that this was his first time. Who was the target of his road rage the last time? It may very well have been a little old lady who was terrified of him. I acknowledge the BMW driver’s disproportionate response if indeed he did deliberately run over the self-righteous, confrontational and abusive motorcyclist. Both men’s actions were reprehensible. If you think using a phone in a stopped car justifies screaming at a random driver then you are basically blaming all the victims of the motorcyclist’s verbal abuse.

Wondered when you’d show up. Things were feeling too sensical.


Verbal… physical…
Aggressively Verbal… and then lethally physical…

Yeah, I’m going to go with: I don’t give two shits.


Not sure for CA, but most cell phone laws allow for cell phone use when the vehicle is at rest/red light.

Nope. In California you can’t talk on your phone if you are on the road and behind the wheel. It doesn’t matter if you are a red light.

Oddly enough, you can futz around with your GPS app though.


i had often suspected as much.

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After the light changes and he gets ahead of the car - the constant glances to the right give me the feeling that he was going slow and blocking the lane. He was looking over his shoulder so much it was almost reckless not paying attention ahead.

Not saying he deserved anything but the camera gives away some of his motive.

Also, lane splitting is not legal in CA, it’s just not enforced. They will pass a law legalizing it shortly. it’s called AB51 (Assembly Bill #51).

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So he’s got a lock on an eventual civil suit settlement, and is asking for money to cover the bills until that money comes in. Is he making any promises to return donations after he gets paid his settlement windfall?

His insurance company could very well reduce the amount of the payout by the amount he raises. When they do that, they call it subrogation.

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Um, when’s the last time you tried one of those?

Do tell please how it went for you.


Signal? Oh, so THAT’S what that little stick on the control column does! It seems most American motorists understand that thing to be the “I’m coming over, fuckhead” signal, if they use it at all. And I say this as a person who is actively looking for the good drivers nowadays (thanks @tlwest).

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