Driver runs into motorcyclist who scolded him about using phone

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ACTUALLY, from that link, there is no existing law to enforce.

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In a number of US cities, using your signal just encourages the other drives to cut you off or not let you in. D.C. Metro area, I’m looking at you.




As a life long resident of CA - I always thought there was a law on the books (as the splitting has been going on as long as I can remember). I guess making one now is better late than never.

It’s safer for the rider (less chance of being rear ended).


I was an angry young driver once. Passive-aggressive and just plain aggressive, it was what the drivers ed teachers now call “offensive [in more ways than one] driving”. Why’d I stop? Because, with a middle finger salute, I cut the wrong person off; he trapped me in a cul-de-sac and proceeded to beat the shit of my car with a hammer before I drove over a curb and through a front lawn to get away. I could have gone to jail for a lot of stupid stuff (not as stupid as running over a motorcyclist), but thankfully didn’t piss off the wrong person. The BMW driver belongs in jail for attempted murder, and the motorcyclist should use some of the fund-me money for defensive driving classes.

I hope this motorcyclist learns a lesson in all of this and we don’t see more helmetcam videos of him playing Captain Lawenforcer once he heals. There was only a little more maturity and decorum demonstrated in this case than in the other popular motorcycle video from last week:


There is a yawning gulf between “probably not wise” and

With apologies to Jim Croce…

[quote]♪ ♫ You don’t tug on Superman’s cape ♪ ♫
♫ ♪ You don’t spit into the wind ♫ ♪
♪ ♫ You don’t pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger ♪ ♫
♫ ♪ And you don’t mess around with Jim drivers of BMWs ♫ ♪

If the acceptable penalty for mouthing off when it’s “not wise” is to be sideswiped by a car, then none of us would have survived our teens.

I acknowledge the motorcyclist was less than diplomatic. But substitute “motorcyclist” for “person of color”; “driver” for “cop”; and “scolded” for “made him angry” :rage:

@Mitch_M1 is not a new poster. He’s been with us nearly two years. I called him out for victim blaming, not for being new.

You, @waetherman , have been part of the community for less time than Mitch_M1 (though you are a lot more active) so should I forgive you for forgiving him for victim blaming :question:


Was just waiting for a moron to say this. It’s so predictable. It can’t just be an asshole - the make of the car has to have something to do with it.

People like you are morons.

Oh yeah, you’re right - somehow I misread @Mitch_M1’s join date and thought he had just joined two hours ago. But I guess that was last post.

Back to the subject, I agree “I can’t say I feel sorry for him” is probably not the most humane response, but hyperbolizing “motorcyclist” to “person of color” is also taking it off the rails a bit. I wouldn’t necessarily call that victim blaming though, so much as lack of victim empathy. Which is its own thing, I guess, as much as victim-blamer witch hunting is.

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That’s an interesting concept, and I’ll take it under consideration. No hidden agenda, ulterior motive, or prejudicial concept (as best my human brain can engage).

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Lane splitting - and not too bright.

Another victim blaming bingo!

@JackFrost please come to the booth to collect your prize!


If you run your mouth on the road you’ll attract the crazies. And DIE [become a victim]. Road rage in America.

Sad, but true.

Can we refine the distinction between “true but ugly” vs “ugly but okay because it’s true” :question:


As a rider I have to be honest and point out that he himself was driving irresponsibly by splitting traffic. Still; attempted murder is attempted murder.

Why you made such a crappy accountant I’ll never know.

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That, at least, we can agree upon.


I’m not pleased he was hurt. I do not condone the BMW driver’s response if he hit the motorcyclist. I do believe that initiating hostile interactions with strangers is eventually going to elicit a hostile response.

I try my best to avoid spending time on the road, but seems like it’s the main problem with negligent driving is an inability to give sufficient attention to the task at hand. Talking on a cell phone held by a dedicated hand doesn’t lend itself well to safe driving. Anecdotally, most of the drivers (4-wheel, specifically) who fail to signal, stay stopped when the light turns green, or try to right-hook me are almost always on their damn phones or cabbies who aren’t paid enough to care about endangering everyone while hunting those fares.

In summary:
People talking on their phones while driving -> bad citizens
People calling those people out -> help keep me safe on the road by probing their capacity for attention.

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Sorry, just a bit sensitive with all the “victim blaming flagging” going on, and how in particular I feel like that curtails rational discussion. Not that you did that.