Watch this incredible skateboarder who has no legs

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Shredding, yes he is.


That’s some of the most impressive stuff I’ve seen in a LONG time. The agility required to do kickflips and all that with just your hands is amazing.

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He makes it look very easy, but what really strikes me is that i never really considered how natural this combination was. We already know the concept of people without legs sitting on wooden wheeled platforms, at least i am from old movies, and seeing this skater getting around i am struck with the “Of course! Why wouldn’t there be someone doing this?” line of thought. I really hope this inspires others in similar situations to get into skating.


Wow. Beyond that being impressive (especially to me, who can’t even stand on a skateboard without falling off), it occurs to me is that his lack of legs would make certain tricks impossible - but his low center of gravity might allow him to do tricks impossible for anyone else. The only thing is, he’d have to figure those out all on his own, as he has no prior relevant work to draw from.


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