Skateboarder impresses with bonkers trick: Watch

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That’s pretty fly.


It’s cool, for sure I couldn’t do it, and yet it’s hard to believe that no one has done that before.


Yeah I think that’s just B+down buttons. He should have gone into a manual to keep the combo going.


That trick is called the “Impossible,” and it’s much harder than spinning the board horizontally in either direction, thanks to a physics principle called the Intermediate Axis Theorem. You can try it using your phone. This is all from a great video by Physics Girl here:


I think my kids were doing those tricks when they were 15 in 93’. Not really but they were pretty good and they still skate in their mid-late thirties. Who is the band playing the song? Anybody know?

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For a white guy…


I would have just pulled up straight and down a spin down. That would be rad.

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It would be cool.

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I am an old man and got that reference, meu jovem.

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yesterday I saw 3 kids proceeding single-file down a paved walkway at a steady 4.5 mph, helmets on, effortlessly riding their hoverboards. The world of Wall-E is nigh. Pathetic.

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Big deal. If it had been a goat instead of a skateboard, I would be impressed.


Well, you could use a simulator to see the feasibility of this antics.

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2014? Old goat, bro.

I think it is time to release a radical new version!


yeah, this is on the Thrasher insta and has 5 times more hits than anything else because he’s doing a 20 year old trick. No.
@JeffreyHayner prior to this, every impossible spins like a backflip: you mash the tail down for the ollie then keep that momentum going and let the nose go vertical and then backwards all the way around:

What Pilz is doing is throwing the nose forward into a flip, which requires like twice the amount of ups, which is why he’s using the ramp rather than ollie-ing.

also lol at all those groms flipping out at the park


Pollie Late Impossible.

First he has to grind up the angled round pole and pop out (pollie) rather than drop off, a hard trick on it’s own.
The board doesn’t start rotating till it’s flattened at the peak of the pollie, that’s the late part. See also “late shove-it”.
Then we have the Impossible part, he nails a pretty nice wrap around his foot without too much sideways spin. A proper Impossible.

People are freaking out about this because it’s totally ridiculous and has probably never been done before.


Crazy, right? He slowed down time with that trick! So who was moving close to the speed of light? The skater or the person filming?


I drew blood last night watching a kerb stone go positive to negative