Skateboarder impresses with bonkers trick: Watch


my ankle broke watching this video



Even cooler trick would be if instascam put a scrub bar on their videos.


The kids’ reactions are priceless. WOOOAAAAA


I think this is one of those things where more knowledge is needed to be able to appreciated it fully. Certainly it looks difficult, but all skateboarding tricks look difficult, to me, and likely to result in hospitalization(hurting yourself riding a skateboard is very, very easy to do without upping the level of difficulty very much), which makes the existence of skateboarding tricks, at all, one of life’s great mysteries.


It has been done before. The name of the trick is “the impossible” and it was first pulled by skateboard legend Rodney Mullen.

The physics behind it is crazy because it is a unstable three axis spin guided with the foot.

You can watch physics girl tell you all about it:

should have read the thread™ looks like @resc beat me to it… :clap:

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