Skateboard shop has a skateable sandwich board


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I guess it’s time for some skate shop to reciprocate with an edible ramp


They need to catch up to these guys’ antics:

They have some other crazy ones on their channel


It looks kinda fragile. Does that make me a concern troll?


Thank you… satisfied!


I love these lads! Always skating weird stuff!


The glass one was really dangerous, but i do like the other crazy ones they’ve done. I haven’t watched their stuff in a long while, i need to check up on what they’ve done this past year.


This is rad. Hope they have pretty thick glass on the storefront window, though. And I say that as a longtime skater. Generally, ramps and obstacles cause skateboards to fly about in unpredictable directions and velocities.


all fun and fames til the insurance company catches wind of it…


While I do enjoy the combination, for my money, Mike Edison’s bong-guitar, um, takes the cake:

and BTW, Mike has fun everywhere he goes:


Well a bong guitar doesn’t have to take the kind of abuse a functional skateboard encounters, not that i don’t appreciate crazy custom instruments :slight_smile: For these skate guys one of my faves as them skating a metal deck with a custom metal wheels.


Ugh…these types videos drive me crazy. 13 mins of bro/dude banter and shaky hand-cam video leading up to the inevitable slo-mo. If you want to see the money shot go to 7:30.


I don’t particularly mind it, granted when i was watching these it was mainly as background noise for me to fall asleep to lol :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d not be surprised if the 20 seconds of skateboarding shown ended up taking several hours to film. But they’ve gotten their publicity now; the sign has served its purpose.

Imma gonna link to this again.


Maybe you are a grandma, like me. :stuck_out_tongue:


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