Watch skateboard stunts on rooftops of New York


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This video brought to you by: Trucks & Deck Roofing


Look at me Ma, I can fly.


Even walking on a flat roof poses a risk of damaging the waterproof membrane. Slamming skateboard wheels/edges into the roof surface has got to be an order of magnitude worse.

Skateboarding isn’t a crime. But causing expensive damage to buildings? Yeah, that’s a crime.


But it’s cool, because you know, expressing yourself and art and find your bliss.


So many layers of nope but I liked the song.


Skating started to get dull when it became more about being XXXtreme to the Max than about just hanging round interpreting the local environment.

Richie Jackson’s the most interesting skater around these days, for my money.


Those are some cool tricks; but that young man seems to have a serious issues with authority, the way he keeps on knocking over warning signs. He should get his hair cut and serve his country. :wink:


I get the expressing bit and the freedom and the antiauthority, but all I can think of are their Mothers. The kind of agony you must be in knowing your kid is a hair breadth away from falling down a seven floor high building.

I have three brothers. One was a competitive snowboarder, one did parkour and teaches it now. The sleepless nights…


Yeah. There was a section from 0:34 to 0:48 - that was the only part that didn’t make me flinch.


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