Rooftopper takes a palm-moistening stroll around a narrow skyscraper roof

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Big deal, I can do that in Minecraft.


I have a hard time walking down the corridor at work without bumping into a wall at least once. I’d be dead in about 8 seconds* doing this.

  • Net of actual death plummet

Oh, to be young and invulnerable again.


If only you could hold shift in real life.


I still get the sweaty palms doing stuff like this in video games, though. No actual possibility of physical harm, but my palms get sweaty and the adrenalin kicks in.


Yeah, that stupid bridge level in Half Life 2 gave me a real-life fear of heights I never had before.


That’s nothing.

I could not do something like that even if life on earth depended on it.

Those metal bands and nuns look quite a bit like the anti skateboarding aversive architecture that we see so much of at ground level. Probably structural or lightning, but it would be delicious if it were to discourage people like him.

Nice job on the roof covering up there…oh wait! what’s this Jerk walking around taking in the view doing?

Not the sort of vid you want to run in fullscreen… He could’ve made it several times worse by hanging his cam off a little boom.

I might’ve lost my dinner watching it windowed then

I’d rather see the careless ones where they fall and splat.

It’s weird. That video bothered me hardly at all - I could see the guy’s hand and foot placements, and while the spot is dramatically exposed, he had lots of good holds to choose from. He even talked about how grippy the rock is there. The one on the building freaked me right out.

Might be just me. I don’t horse around on buildings, but I’m used to scrambling rocks. I can hike a trail like (NOT my picture, but I’ve been there more than once) without many qualms at all, but a stream crossing like (same photographer, not me!) gives me the heebie-jeebies.

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