Watch man climb to top of 101 story skyscraper in Dubai


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What he does seems incredibly dangerous and pretty foolish, but it entertains me as I sit here at my desk, so I approve.


one big pile of “nope” from me. Sitting here at my DESK the thought of falling from that high up makes me shudder. Neat to see the view though


I wonder why the radio engineers who climb the towers on skyscrapers don’t take GoPro videos?

Then again, the radio engineers I’ve known tend to be older guys not hip enough to own a gopro, but completely crazy enough to climb to the top of the antennas on the Sears tower during a wind storm.


They don’t make enough ‘nope’ for me.


Well, there’s this 1700 foot climb shot in HD, where the guy is at least tethering himself at every rung.

And then there’s this 360p footage of a technician free-climbing a 1786 foot mast which is utterly bloody terrifying. From the point where he exits the steel framework onto the outer rungs to the end of the video, my testicles are doing their best to retract into my abdomen. At the very top, he stands on a plate about 18 inches square and LETS GO WITH BOTH HANDS TO TETHER HIMSELF. AAUGH!!!

Edited to add: that moment where the commentator says, apparently with complete lack of irony, that “If a storm’s blowing through, there’s no quick way down”.


Every time I watch that 1786 foot freeclimb video my testes do the same. This crane one had the same effect.

What is it with acrophobia and testicular gymnastics?


Oh, there’s a quick way down… :open_mouth:


It’s not that quick. I once was in a hot-air balloon which had a little platform from which a couple intrepid skydivers jumped. We watched them in freefall for way too long, expecting to see a little puff of dust like in the old Coyote Roadrunner films, but they finally opened their chutes.




Think of it this way - if he slipped, he’d have a loooooong time to think about his life’s poor choices before he hit the ground…

Yeah, I’ll take this one with a king-sized can of nope!


I find videos like this terrifying. It’s fascinating to me though as I watch it, I know that one day no matter what I do I’m going to die. I might as well be up doing it, for all the good worrying about it is going to do me.


It’s a good test of whether someone has a fear of heights or not :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought it was awesome, others in the house couldn’t even glance at it without cringing :smiley:


My hands and feet are sweating.


A few weeks ago I started taking the stairs up to my office on the 31st floor each morning. I’m so fucking dizzy by the time I get to my desk, I can’t imagine then climbing a slippery crane.





Hot air balloon. Your life held aloft by a giant cloth bag, made out of thin, easily melted nylon, kept inflated by the heat from a giant column of open flame :astonished:


Not only that, but the balloon pilot was nicknamed “Burner” because of an incident that occurred early in his ballooning career.

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