WATCH: Man changes a lightbulb on a 1500-foot tower




Fall support harness in use. Must be on the job.

When my skydiver friend climbed one of those to do a BASE jump many years ago, he didn’t bother with the safety ropes. He said that he automatically held on tightly enough to not fall. He was also young and a bit foolish.


Well, at my job, we have a policy against getting that high.


How long before the drone puts him out of work?


The one selfie I want to see, and it’s not shown.


THAT’s a selfie? I always thought it was slang for masturbation!


1500 feet with a harness is a lot safer than 300 feet freestyle. Watch 50 year old Fred Dibnah climb a chimney, especially at about 4:00 into the clip:


This would be a good application for a long life LED lamp.


I can see Wile E using this in an attempt to catch the roadrunner. Just add the right musical score, a Batman costume ( the Clooney one w/ nipples) and…


They sell extendible poles for changing lightbulbs. Why didn’t he just use one of them?


All right, now who’s the engineer who designed a 1500’ tower which requires someone to periodically climb it for repairs?


THAT’s a selfie? I always thought it was slang for masturbation!

Well they’re certainly a form of masturbation…


I’ve found that watching a lot of free climbing videos produces odd sensations in the right places, so perhaps you’re not too far off …


His greatest fear is that he’ll drop the bulb and have to go back down for another one.


Towers must have aviation safety lights. It’s not the engineer’s fault that humanity has collectively failed to design an infinite-life bulb.


Stroking the ego, in other words? :blush:


Climbing towers like this free - without clipping on - is actually OSHA approved. Some prefer that, since it’s quite a bit faster (though everyone clips on when they reach their workstation). This guy is more cautious than many.


In the movies, he’d be doing this at night, in a lightning storm, with a 747 bearing down on the tower, while henchmen unloaded automatic weapons at him from the ground. And it would be only marginally more frightening to watch.


More than a bit. Wind gusts up there are amazingly strong and give no warning.


This video is a handy way of checking your scrotum without using your hands. Because I felt it quite distinctly on those high aerial views. Yikes.