Insane ledge jumping on Hong Kong skyscraper


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Funny how suicidal behavior doesn’t prompt an intervention if you just post it on YouTube™.


yes, i get a huge adrenaline rush, my stomach feels like it wants to exit through my butt, and i get a throb down my legs and into my feet.

Also, while watching this, I reflexively lean away from the ledge.

These crazy ledge jumping / hanging people obviously have very different mental risk models than I do.


Now that you mention it, the soles of my feet do ache. What’s up with that?

Did anyone else get the nasty NSFL foot injury thumbnail video at the end? Yech.


It makes my peepee tingly.


Legs tingle and I get short of breath. My teenage son has become a serious rock climber in the past year, I’m supportive but I can’t think about it too hard. At least they use ropes.


It doesn’t hurt my feet, it makes my testicles retract.


I know Hong Kong is a bit short of open space, but surely he can find somewhere a bit easier to go for a walk?


It makes my palms sweat, and I can’t help leaning back from the edge while watching this.


I’m thinking of a word that rhymes with



rope, preferably with a safety harness.


I’m not sure what you mean by “watching these kinds of high-altitude daredevil videos make the soles of my feet ache” Did you mean to say “makes”?


Yeah, amazing and great if there wasn’t Murphy’s law.

We used to do dangerous stuff like that when I was a kid until my early twenties like… all the time. Not exactly that but just as stupidly dangerous. Until you realize you’re mortal and the odds of something bad happening get worse with every stunt you do. Eventually, a friend died by falling down a cliff. Wasn’t there but hey… we knew he must have been doing something crazy.

My advice: don’t.


Ah, hm.


That’s touching on the problem which is that uTube never lets the ones where they actually fall run - and that’s what’s needed. Right now, everyone things you can do this and everything will be fine all the time.


Ditto on the tingle in my thingy.


Another vote for the tingle, not a pleasant one, in the winky, combined with retraction of the associated undercarriage. I quite like heights, as long as there’s a waist-high wall in the way.


Huh, I did see a compilation video of free climbing (rock climbing without safety ropes) that included one person falling to their death. If I’d known, I wouldn’t have watched the video. The thrill of narrowly cheating death has death as a natural consequence. I think you are right, though, that showing only successes leads to a false impression of the relative safety of this utterly stupid and reckless behavior. But I do wonder what the stats would actually be for this and how they would compare to other dangerous but accepted activities. This website puts some sports in perspective, counter intuitively listing skydiving as less dangerous than cycling, and BASE jumping as way, way more dangerous than other sports - not sure I trust the way the data is being used, though, but I would love to know where “jumping around on the top of tall stuff” fits in with that.


There’s a nice selection of parkour fails, at least, though they tend not to document the aftermath. (I do recall one that ended with a mostly-severed toe; the finding of this video is left as an exercise to the reader.) And I can recall at least one “spectacular” fireworks fail.


This makes me tingly all over – and I find myself leaning away from the screen. Ugh.

Also, I skipped over the dam video at the bottom because I couldn’t bear the insanity of someone riding a bicycle on such an edge. And then… yeah… wow.