Stabilized wingsuit footage reveals how awesome it is to fly


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neat but getting me to do that would be a big NOPE!


I get the appeal, even if the thrill comes at the cost of terrible life-threatening risk. Pity the suits themselves still look so silly.


The cameraman, Dario Zanon, died recently doing this.

  1. Not surprised at all, in view of the footage.
  2. I feel like the people doing this basically keep pushing further and further (lower and lower), until it kills them.

That said, I salute all those involved in this awesomeness.


No. thank you. I’m sure it’s cool, but I like my survival instinct right where it is.


No thanks. I think I’ll just stick to riding my skateboard upside down with no helmet on.


But Rocky looks awesome. Whereas Rocketeer there looks like he’s achieved escape velocity through explosive diarrhoea.


Only because he stole Snoopy’s hat and goggles.


Well, that video is a replacement for fiber, I could feel my bowels loosen while watching it.


Huh, the stabilized version kind of made the jumper look like bad CGI.


Apparently there were 8 wingsuit deaths last month (and 7 other BASE jumping fatalities), including the first wingsuit death to be livestreamed on Facebook.


Goddamn special editions.

Even so, the Force is strong with this one.


Yeah! It looked like a quidditch match!


The “related video” at the end was definitely on point:


Yes, very cool, but when I see footage like this I keep wondering why people don’t die much more frequently, like every second jump.


Too bad it doesn’t fall under the purview of the DEA. This is more dangerous than kratom!!!


I went sky diving for my bday this year. This may be too far. Perhaps if I was told I had six months to live.


So, vive la France, but morte d’Dario.




And how the hell do you learn in the first place?

Does mama just push you out of the nest?


You probably start as a skydiver, and then add the wingsuit later to better control the fall. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think you ever actually lose the parachute.