Watch record-breaking free solo slackline walk

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He doesn’t have to start over after falls? Disqualified.


The soles of my feet don’t do anything, but if I’m up high looking over, or sometimes even seeing someone else up high, I get an ache like I’ve just been kicked between the legs.


No effect on my feet… But this triggers my anxiety like nobody’s business.


These are difficult, because the line between “Yay! Nice job on the new record” and “Terrible news, as a talented athlete dies.”
I know it’s for everyone to calculate their own risk-reward equations, but this is a lot of risk for (it seems) very little reward.

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Yes, it’s ASMR.

Anticipating Sudden Mis-step Response.


as someone who enjoys slacklining (two feet above ground max), and mountains, and the outdoors, and most of all the feeling that i can rise to challenges and succeed, i celebrate folks whose athleticism and self-confidence lets them do things where the risk is lethal. a lot of people have abstracted their lives down to grinding for money so they can stay comfortable and unchallenged. that may technically still be a life, but it sure as hell ain’t living up to the potential that 150 million years of evolution gives us.

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“The soles of my feet start to hurt when I watch videos of people doing crazy high-elevation stunts. Does that happen to anyone else?”

Yes, but not just elevation related stimulus. Any time I see a person in real distress be it from great heights or some really gross blackhead video, my feet get this numb/diffused like pain. It’s a difficult to describe sensation.

I love to slackline too- and i understand the athleticism of people who are able to do these things. I think there’s a fair bit of ground between the living-on-the-edge and the grinding-for-the-money extremes.
I also have a hard time when the terms of that risk fall outside my control- wind gusts, lines snapping, etc etc. Risking my life when I’m in control of the risk is (maybe) ok, risking my life when there’s a (significant) random factor? Not so much. For me, anyway. To each their own, etc etc.

Agree with @nothingfuture. I personally think that you can appreciate the grace and courage of these folks while generally preferring them to, say, traverse slackline with a harness and a tether. Doesn’t eliminate the risk (equipment can fail) but puts this closer to sport than a grisly gawking.

For me, there’s inherent risk, and there’s stunt risk. Climbing is inherently dangerous. Climbing without a harness is a choice, and one I don’t want to reward.

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I also enjoy the slackline, and I have to say, watching a high elevation long slackline puts my stomach in a knot way more then a tightrope.

sometimes when i am on the edge of a sheer drop the soles of my feet will put oiut a burning sensation. it happens maybe 1 or 2 times out 100. height does not seem to be the trigger because i had the feeling looking out an open, unscreened 3rd floor window. sometimes it happens at a place i’ve been before. there’s a sheer drop at one part of enchanted rock in texas which i’ve been to a dozen or more times. twice i have had that feeling and the rest not.

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Do all you tingly feet people have what you would call a fear of heights? I’m not completely freaked out by them, but I have a hard time, say, going to rail of a balcony that’s more than a few floors up. And seriously, no foot sensations whatsoever for me, but it’s like the feeling after somebody just “lightly” kicked me in the balls. And I think it’s worse with watching family members–taking my kids to the grand canyon, I had a low grade ache there the whole while brought about by watching them run up to the edge all the time.

according to the rules of logical proofs, a single counterexample disproves the theorem. my answer to you, based on my own personal experiences, is no.

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The soles of my feet tingle when I see elevation stunts or if I approach a cliff or high edge… I call it butterfly feet. I haven’t met anybody else with this symptom.

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