Hayley Ashburn balances on a tightrope buffeted by winter winds

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Hard to take all that crap about fear seriously, considering that she’s actually tethered, and in no real danger.

I’d be more impressed if she was crossing this…


Fear is the mind killer, but a 2800 meter drop is the body dasher.


That’s a slackline, not a tightrope.

I’m disappointed that there was not credit/thanks/mention to Frank Herbert for writing the narration. Big boo on the people who put that video together for ripping off Herbert.


Edit to add the link.

Maybe they edited it, but the credit is there now.

I just watched it again both the embedded one and on vimeo. I don’t see the credit. I could be blind. What time does it come up at in the video?

I don’t think I’ve cried over the Litany before. Maybe I’m just weepy today but that was amazing.

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Post some pics of your next exploit, slackline king.

I’ll just put it this way. I’ve had more airplane take-offs than landings.

Not the same game. You only have to step off once, then you’re done. No proximity to rocks, etc.

It’s well enough known that they can’t expect anyone to think it’s their own original passage, so I don’t consider it “ripping off Herbert.” Like you don’t have to credit Jesus whenever you quote the Sermon On The Mount.

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“Blessed are the Plagiarists, for theirs is whatever the hell they say is theirs.”

Ah. Not in the actual video, but underneath it on Vimeo.

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Which part of “she’s using a tether” did you not get? If she slips off, the worst she’d get is a wedgie from the harness. I’m not negating the considerable skill she’s showing, but the whole “fear” thing comes off a false, once you realize she the threat of falling and hitting anything is virtually zero.

Just FYI, there are around 20 skydiving deaths a year. Last slackline death I can recall, was caused when a mountain biker hit a chest-high slackline set up by some college students in Utah. Oh, and slackliner Dean Potter died last year - from basejumping.

I understand the tether completely, and I didn’t need you to point it out. I was talking about the psychological difference between pitching yourself out of a plane and walking on a shaky line. Whatever though dude. more power to your ego.

I never intended to make this discussion personal. You did that with your snotty “Post some pics of your next exploit, slackline king” comment.

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