Plane, Motorcycle, Wire Walker in Crazy Triple Stunt


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Very cool :slight_smile: And the video is short, sweet and to the point - without all the frenetic and terrible editing some of the Red Bull videos have that try to up the excitement and draw it out by using cuts every second.

On the other hand this post seems a bit like Sploid on Boing Boing…


Maybe Sploid/Gawker copied a facet of what BB has been kind of doing since 95’ and made that their whole thing?


Possible, but the Sploid thing involves just posting random vids with a descriptive text with just enough empty platitudes to SEO, and without any research or knowledgeable context on the video. That’s why this post reminds me of Sploid.


Even if I were using a drone and an Evel Knievel doll from my childhood, there wouldn’t be room in my backyard for me to try this.


I do miss the old Sploid. Hasn’t been anything else quite like it.


I don’t know what more text you can really ask for this when once a week you have a picture of an object that looks like a banana with the words “Look at this. Look at it.” or a clip of a card trick with the words “Check out this neat card trick.” and that’s business as usual, but here you have a decent paragraph of information.

fruit pictures, card tricks, decks of cards, cute animals, all of that stuff is just as frequent as the more serious content.


Evel Knievel could have done all three stunts at the same time!

And then crashed.


Wait, what? I expected the tightrope artist to grab the guy off the motorcycle or something. They didn’t interact at all, they just happened to pass through the same cube of space. I want my money back.


That made me grin. :heart_decoration:


Yes. I was expecting the motorcycle to skim across the wing of the plane as their paths crossed. Something like that.


Out of all of that, what really raised my hackles was the guy clambering up the scissor lift. I had a strong reflex to call the safety rep or shop steward.


can we try it in the front yard?


I mean, get on the lift and then raise it? He is walking around with a harness on, but it didn’t appear to be attached to anything. is there an SOP I can review?


But where is the shark?


The tightrope was probably locked in and it would have been a big pain in the ass to lower and raise both lifts in unison. But the correct procedure would be to use a third lift, or a big ladder.


While I understand “correct procedure” from an industrial safety point of view, speaking as a rock climber, the whole lift looks like a damn ladder. The only reason he used a harness was for when he was on the slackline. I know it sounds glib, and will probably catch flack, but if I fell off that, I’d be more embarrassed than anything else.

On another note, what’s the proper safety procedure for flying a plane under something like that?


I’d say the thing looks like a vast collection of amputation hazard pinch points.


Yeah. Best to stay away from those.


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