Watch a guy cross a slackline as enormous waves crash below

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I too take convincing people I am not crazy, very seriously. So I do things like NOT this.


With a safety line clipped to the slackline, I’d give this a go. Without one, not a chance. Drowning is not the way I want to go. I can’t tell if he’s clipped on or not.

Also, although I’m pretty sure the booms were edited in, it’s a nice effect used well.


He was clipped in, I watched until he fell off and appeared to be hanging (skip to 1:07).
I’d have to wear a Depends under my harness. Maybe two.
So not on my bucket list…

And the 100’ kayaker plunge was another big ball o nope.


I wonder if the top-down angle made the waves appear closer and more dangerous?

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Uhm excuse me, they aren’t crossing shit. Just showing how good they are at choosing really dumb places to slackline.

I thought so too, until several waves actually enveloped the guy :open_mouth:


It’d be interesting to see how they installed the line in the first place.

Crazy is as crazy does. I didn’t see anyone cross anything. I just saw a guy flailing on a slack line.


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