How to walk in high heels

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I don’t wish high heels on anyone. Maybe men should be forced to wear shoes with nails in the toes.


I am sure that would solve some problem, somehow. I don’t suppose you watched any part of the video?

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I watched half of it. I don’t know why women put up with this shit.


I did. Her advice is pretty standard, she admits that it’s difficult and even dangerous sometimes, but she makes money wearing heels all the time as a beauty vlogger. But there’s more to it than the immediate possibility of tripping and falling, the pain and toe damage, to say nothing of the literal hobbling effect heels have. I wore heels every day for years while working as a cosmetic rep in department stores. I now have achilles tendonitis.

“High heels lead to shorter muscle fibers and a toughening of the Achilles tendon, says Dr. Marco Narici, a professor of clinical physiology at the University of Nottingham (and coauthor of that study). Narici says these muscle changes reduce your ankle’s range of motion”

Physical therapy and jogging have helped and I was able to rehabilitate my achilles tendons enough to avoid my Orthopedic doctor’s second level of intervention, boots that hold the foot in a stationary position to keep the shortened tendon extended. She would have recommended surgery after the boot.


Hard to take her seriously, for some reason.

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It seemed to me as if she quite liked her shoes, wore them voluntarily, and would go out of her way to buy more. Of course that just shows she’s a willing stooge of the patriarchy. The only solution is to find a man and hammer nails into his… wait, what?

What if instead we complained on the internet? It is less satisfying than torturing people, but it also incurs fewer felonies.


Saying that a lot of women feel pressured to wear high heels at times is different from acknowledging that a lot of women freely choose to wear them at times.


I watched part of it, but it wasn’t interesting, so I stopped.


So did I! But I was forced to stop when my ankles actually started giving out due the pain and stiffened tendons. Doesn’t that mean anything?

I didn’t say either of those things.[quote=“Boundegar, post:7, topic:101796”]
What if instead we complained on the internet? It is less satisfying than torturing people, but it also incurs fewer felonies.

My doctor was very clear in stating that heels have no redeeming qualities as footwear and that they are doing real damage.

If women feel that heels are an expectation of beauty and sex appeal (and I know they do), I think it’s worth having a conversation about why that is, and if it’s worth it.

Understand that I still participate in those expectations. I am still a makeup artist. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t also support women who choose comfort and function over pain or impracticality. I do now, and I really wish I had earlier on.


She’s doing the work of the Lord! I think. She said so.




I agree. If I was a woman, I wouldn’t wear them, but it seems like plenty of women disagree.

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Am I doing it right?


Well, in my case it was because I really believed that nothing bad would happen to me, and I was willing to put up with the pain in exchange for the way heels made me look.

I was wrong. It’s not inconceivable that other women are making the same mistakes for the same reasons.


How to walk in heels:
Take off the heels.
Put on some footwear with nice arch support.

Or maybe:

How to walk in heels:
Max out your Health Savings Account for future orthopedic expenses.
Walk in heels.


A 9 1/2 minute video in which she never even stands up, let alone walks?

My favorite part was when she showed platform heels and suggested that they give the illusion of being high heels but your feet are actually basically level (she used her hand to show how level) when in fact it was about a 4" incline on top of a 2" platform.

And she never ever walked in any of them. We never even see her feet.


Might have been helpful advice prior to that one time I wore high heels.

Man that was a great college party. Of course, walking half a mile in heels while drunk as a skunk I gather women have trouble with as well.

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This is Part 1: Theory


A 9 1/2 minute video in which she never even stands up, let alone walks?