Man tries to wear high heels for a day, fails


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Iron Man has no problem! (they are probably gyroscopically stabilized)


Those are platforms. MUCH easier to walk in. Possibly because they’re shaped more like a foot. But he does sport them with style, doesn’t he? :smile:


Now try wearing some of the other clothing women are expected to wear. Skirts that inhibit your range of motion while walking, waistlines too tight proportionally and dig into your skin, bras that are like torture devices, clingy clothing so tight that you feel ashamed of your body, shirts and skirts that show off parts you are expected to pay a time cost for maintenance to maintain (shaving legs/armpits, endless crunches for your abs, etc). And should you dare show up to something important in easy to maintain comfortable clothing or without makeup, or have a run in your stockings, or mess up your makeup somehow, or have chipped nails… well, you’re lazy and don’t care and unprofessional and don’t have an eye for the details.


Interesting that he seemed to focus most on how he was being judged by men.


Aside from the evils of fashion, this shouldn’t be surprising. Heels take some getting used to, or so I hear.


So is he going to publish a retraction? Or is that shot of him giving the camera the finger an indication of how he’s responding to being absurdly wrong?

Side note: The first time I strapped on high heels to play Dr. Frank N. Furter they weren’t as uncomfortable as I expected, but then I only wore them for a few minutes.


Something that takes a lifetime of practice (even if unconscious) can’t be done instantly. Really?

Up next, Area man applying makeup for the first time does a terrible job. Area woman can’t figure out how to take off in 747 after two minutes on the flight deck. Area teen still has no clue of Japanese language despite watching ‘dozens’ of anime episodes. Local doctor takes 30 seconds to figure out if he received correct change for her/his $2.34 snack. More on these shocking revelations at 11 on the ONN Nightly News.


Well I do hope it’s not as challenging as flying a 747. If it is, we’re definitely not paying those women anough.


I always go back to this, because its so fucking true.


Should wearing shoes be that hard?

I hate high heels. I’m going to acknowledge that I’m sure all kinds of privilege and lack of perspective are on display here in my maleness, but heels make me so angry mildly upset every time I think about them. They make my toes hurt looking at them, and all I can think about is how constricted the wearer’s gait is while walking, much less the impossibility of running in them. I’ve of the opinion that a person should always be ready to run, or at least walk comfortably at an even clip. Shit happens, be ready. They are incredibly loud on hallways, and don’t even get me started on hearing my upstairs neighbor in the damn things.

I feel for short people, I do, but tall people wear heels just as much, so doesn’t it all kinda even out? I get the impression that heels are the kind of thing enforced more by fellow women than men, though I do hear horror stories from female friends, my wife included, of former boyfriends who were real assholes about what they wore. I find women in a nice pair of flats or sneakers very sexy. Practicality mixed with style is as close to a fetish as I think I could be pegged with.


I don’t understand why it’s heels or walk barefoot on grimy pavement. What happened to flats, sneakers, etc? Lots of women I know wear sneakers to get to wherever they’re going, wear heels at that function and then switch back to sneakers afterwards. It’s also great for when it’s a rainy day so you don’t get wet, stinky feet.


I will admit to being lucky to be married to an attractive person, but my wife at most puts on sunscreen and/or chapstick in the morning and yet looks like a supermodel.
It could be me though, I couldn’t figure out why I was constantly crushing for lesbians in college, I think it is because many of them did not wear makeup; they; my future wife, her sister, and a few other Oregon granola types were the only women I knew who were not absurdly colored to my eye.
I wonder if it was patterning from living around all crunchy hippie women as a kid.
The spouse is a lifetime girlscout who will not own or wear a shoe which she can not literally walk a 10k in comfortably, despite being 5"9" this does include one pair of chunky(non-spikey) heels, though no larger than the heels on my forest service firefighting boots ~6cm.


See, no I don’t have sympathy for women who continue to do that. No one expects anything of you first of all. Second, you are your own person, not a slave to social trends and fashion. I understand that women, and people in general, like to dress in ways that make them feel attractive. But if given the shoe collections of the women I know, there are a plethora of designs that are both attractive, and more comfortable to wear. If you do choose to go out in those “killer” heels, do not complain.

Or you could be like the old Miley Cyrus and just “rock kicks” while everyone else is in “stilettos”.


It’s not about fashion, or being short. A woman who hopes to be “dressed appropriately” is going to need to suck it up and wear heels at least once in her life. Didn’t you hear about how Cannes declined to allow women in dressy flats to come in? ( A woman who wants to be dressed for business, as opposed to business casual, is going to have to wear heels. It would be like a guy wearing white sneakers with his suit and tie if she didn’t.

Hands down, the easiest way for a woman to “dress up” is to wear heels. Do I want to wear my skinny jeans and blazer out on the town? Then heels it is. Some places wouldn’t even let me in if I didn’t have heels on.

It’s not really a choice when most of society expects you to do it. Wearing heels is a lot like having kids: if you do, you’re conforming to society’s expectations and things are easier for you because of it. If you don’t, well, that’s your choice but you WILL pay for it. You’ll hear about it from your friends, parents, even your therapist! (That guy is a dick, in case you were wondering). People look down on you in more ways than just the literal one.

Plus, if you DO happen to like fashion, you will need to deal with heels. All of the fun shoes have risers nailed to the back. A vast majority of the flat ones are on the spectrum between “blah” and “holy crap, how did those get manufactured?!”

So, yeah, privilege. Mentioning it doesn’t give you free reign to imply that clearly women are foolish for going along with the fashion industry. It’s a calculated choice. Maybe try to understand the tradeoffs we might be making prior to judging based on your own experience. That’s a thing I struggle with, too. I’m trying to default to assuming there’s a good reason for someone to make the choice they made and if a group is making it en mass when it appears to not make sense, I try to ask myself “is this really a choice at all?”


Good for you and your wife, you have managed to miss the entirety of mainstream medias constant messaging about female attractiveness, that makes you part of the 96th percentile I’m sure. Serious congrats are in order.

So lets have empathy for the rest of the society that didn’t escape the onslaught, and lets change the messaging!


To you. Attractive to you. Seemingly more comfortable, to you. Fixed that for you. :wink:

What do you care if someone wears a shoe you find unattractive? They are their own person after all, they can do as they please right? So if they want to wear giant deer platforms a la Lady Gaga they can, right?


Because we don’t want to carry bags big enough to hold sneakers in all the time?


Did you miss my sentences above that? I said that people in general like to wear things that make them feel attractive. I am pretty sure other than something for pure utility like hiking boots, everyone buys shoes they find attractive. My point was there are many designs out there that are more comfortable than heels that THEY (the wearer) still find attractive.

Personally I couldn’t care less what people put on their feet. Unless it is encrusted with dog shit, I don’t care. But if they choose to wear heels or what ever, then don’t complain about it or blame society for expecting you to wear them.


Yea, we are pretty weird. :smile:
My kids had been out at an English speaking friends’ home and came back excited to tell us about the mini shows inside the cartoons about plastic action figures and toys!