Stunning real-life stunts, an epic video compilation

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Watching the kite-skiing or whatever it’s called I kept thinking about how that would be fun to learn.

Then the dude jumping around and between tall buildings came on and I became so anxious I could not watch.


Watching the “walking on the edge of the building” makes me clench.


2 things: no need to unmute and 20 foot hula hoop? death defying? lol


I watch it until around 2:40, and then gave up.

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Not shown: body cam footage of stunts that didn’t work out right.


I don’t think I’ll ever stop being astounded by parkour. It doesn’t require heights to impress me and for my money is more profoundly beautiful than any athletic activity I can think of short of a really good capoeira game.

Love the kite-skiing vids; had looked into kite-surfing / kite-snowboarding for a bit and came to the sad realization that everyone looks so happy in the videos because a) it’s a helluva lot of fun and b) they are massively rich. ( YMMV but I wasn’t able to find a cheap entry into the hobby )

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Welp, got my high-intensity sphincter workout in today


Impressive: yes. Dangerous: much of it. Death defying: really only some of the parkour and some of the jumping (some of those guys had dangerously poor form).

Cruise ship guy is lucky he didn’t die - that height into water risks unconsciousness and broken bones.

Loved the ski paragliding, even if the 360’s they were pulling midair freaked me out.

The dudes cruising around building edges… :scream:. My son’s a boulderer, and we shared the same experience of sweaty palms just while watching Free Solo. But with those heights and the FPV video, I don’t get a

Instead I get the weirdest sensation in my hands and feet - an almost painful prickling sensation. I’ve noticed it before also when seeing footage of someone in pain or distress - things like real life shows about hospitals (24 Hours in A&E in the UK). Like I’m empathising so hard it hurts.


How kind of the first parkour guy to brush his possibly sweaty body across someone’s nice, clean laundry.


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