Videos of things being crushed by high heels


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The many many subgenres of specific stealth-porn videos on YouTube are utterly fascinating.

There are hundreds of videos of various comic book and cartoon characters – usually Spiderman, for some reason – depicting their smelly feet. And each one has hundreds of thousands of views. I have no idea why.


NSFK Not Safe for Keyboards

  1. “What are you looking at? OMG is this what you want me to do?”

“No, no! I, uh, there was a story about crunching coding, and I needed an image for the story. The story, you see. This is for work! It’s for work!”

“I’m going to mothers!”

  1. Thanks for sparing us the ones where they are crushing animals or bugs - bleh.


upskirt videos - just don’t


Ah yes, another example of “porn that’s not porn by typical standards” on Youtube. Someone should start a subreddit for it.


Not the things I EXPECTED to see crushed! I am very disappointed.


If it was dreams you were looking to be crushed, just start perusing your favorite news site.


Simultaneously more and less interesting than watching things getting crushed in a hydraulic press.


I watched the kiwi crushing vid, and half expected to hear creepy verbal domination while the heel wearer played with those fruits.


Not my kink, but for those of us fossils still viewing BoingBoing the old fashioned way (, this and some other posts I’ve seen have ALL the images on the blog homepage, rather than one with more below the fold.

Minor inconvenience to scroll down past, but it would be nice for post authors to put only one image on the blog homepage, and the rest only if you click (more…).


looks at topic

Tarantino is that you??


His segment of “Grindhouse” was just about the most overt example of a director displaying his kinks in full view that I can remember.

Well, pretty much.


Always faintly amused by this fetish, in the fact it’s so many light-years from any of mine it becomes a little fascinating in it’s horror.

Firstly, i dislike people destroying stuff for no reason.

Secondly, i hate feet, i have the opposite of a foot fetish.

Thirdly, high heels are nasty, the worst of the worst of footwear. It irks me no end that this is frequently the ONLY piece of clothing not discarded by porn actresses… *

*seriously, ugh x1000



could also be sexy rexy…


Are there videos of my knees and arches being crushed by high heels?


I’m pretty sure we’ve had giantess fetish videos on youtube come up here before, way back in the past.

It’s not any less weird and fascinating now tbh; youtube has a lot of stuff like this if you go into the weird part, like those sexy police traffic ticket asmr videos.


I imagine many people with foot fetishes have them because they’ve sublimated their disgust at feet into a sexual issue.


Going to share?