Skateboarder with a broken neck astonishes the crowd

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Is the skate park a legal one? Not asking as a criticism, just wondering how they got away with building a structure under and onto an overpass. I would imagine whichever local governmental branch would be in charge of these kinds of transportation related structures would be hostile to this kind of stuff. If it has been allowed i think that’s a pretty amazing story

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I guess so? It’s on the park website.

Though, man, no helmets on concrete and skating with a cracked vertebrae (though I guess at the time he didn’t know he had one) is a good way to end up paralyzed or dead :confused:

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For a second I thought maybe it was supposed to say “broken deck.”

(Which would be pretty amazing also.)

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Did a cursory search and it seems like there are plans to redevelop the overall park but the skate park itself will be left alone, which is cool :smiley:

The city set aside the area to be turned into a skate park as a compromise to keep people from skating and damaging Love Park. The funding never came through so the the skaters built it themselves over the last 25 years.


Not everyone can be Bert Trautmann, so please don’t try.

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