LA to turn famed skatepark into housing

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Looking at the photos of the park and reading up on its history, I was surprised to see that there are zero purpose-built skate features. Everything there is concrete ledges, benches and a drained rectangular fountain area that was designated as a legal skate park in 2014 with no new features added other than some colorful murals. But I understand that it’s still considered a big part of local skating culture and history. Good on the Skatepark Project guys for trying to work with the city on this one instead of going full-NIMBY.


We need the housing. Working alongside the city to get what you want is likely a much easier path than trying to stop it. Trying to stop incoming shelters turns into a battle where the shelter gets ½ what it needed to be successful and the crime/bad stuff that comes with a failing shelter.

Also, once developers set their teeth into some land that can be housing at a profit to them, it ain’t ever going to stop. While helping homeless folks isn’t apparently important to LA, making money off them is a long-honored tradition.


Instead of a skatepark, how about utilizing one of LA’s hundreds of excess golf courses for housing?


You clearly missed the drama that was Penmar.

Build an apartment building with a skate park on the roof and a giant cork screw slide. Weee!!!

Or one attached to the side.

Seriously. Fuck golf.

Fuck private golf.

Public course I think are a good community green space. Though if you are putting them in areas that don’t have a lot of water, that’s a bad use of resources. YMMV.

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